About Birthdays

It's not MY birthday - but it is The Big Guy's birthday and that is a day to celebrate.  It wasn't until we met that I truly understood what was missing from all of the failed relationships of days gone by - connection.  Connection I don't mean the … [Read more...]

Simple Things

You may have detected that the last few weeks were full of things that are not simple... Dealing with changes to the household... changes to schedules... untraining 10 years of bad habits and retraining good ones. I hold my Giant to ridiculously … [Read more...]

On Cynicism…

It would be easy to be a cynic... In my mind I have said that a million different times. It would be easy to latch on to every time a friend breaks a confidence or a paramour breaks my heart. It would be easy to be angry and resentful for the loss and … [Read more...]


It makes me sad when I hear about someone near me going through a heartbreaking ordeal... Or when I see a friend share on Facebook that they are shouldering a burden... With or without details, they request prayers, love, light... Or when a friend … [Read more...]

It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

Ok y'all I tried really really REALLY freakin hard NOT to write some sort of mushy lovey dovey post and I sat staring at a blank screen for far too long. There's only ONE thing - well there are always a bajillion things - on my mind and nothing else is … [Read more...]