A couple weeks ago I went to listen to my son's middle school choir performance. While waiting for the concert to begin, there was a little girl sitting at a table within view playing with someone who appeared to be an older brother. They were making … [Read more...]

Book Report – #playinmay

I failed to share my thoughts on Heroes for yesterday but I believe strongly in the needs and presence of heroes, so when I find/make the time, I will go back and fill in that gap. What I didn't fail to do was recharge. I needed some time to refill my … [Read more...]

On Cynicism…

It would be easy to be a cynic... In my mind I have said that a million different times. It would be easy to latch on to every time a friend breaks a confidence or a paramour breaks my heart. It would be easy to be angry and resentful for the loss and … [Read more...]


It makes me sad when I hear about someone near me going through a heartbreaking ordeal... Or when I see a friend share on Facebook that they are shouldering a burden... With or without details, they request prayers, love, light... Or when a friend … [Read more...]

Mountains and roots

A funny thing happened... Well, it's not that funny... 2 weeks ago, about halfway through mommy-palooza, I discovered that using the washing machine also created an indoor wading pool... Flowing from a utility room to the den which, well, is less than … [Read more...]