The Off Kilter Week in Review!

I honestly can't remember the last time I blogged all week! So, in case you missed some of the awesomeness, here's the week in review :) This week Kicked off with GMOs and how it relates to our health... seriously scary stuff people. From there, I … [Read more...]

#Mamavation Monday – 1/9/12 –

The end of the year... holidays... change... adjustments.  That about sums up the last few months.  Honestly, I've been sleepwalking it seems through a fog of frustration, anger, confusion, and... melancholy.  No other way to explain it that I can think … [Read more...]

#mamavation monday…err Tuesday – Setting Goals

Ok, so I played this weekend and now I'm a bit behind.  That's not altogether fair - I feel like I lost an entire day last week and am still playing catch up.  Regardless, I felt compelled to write a post - even if it's not Monday because lately, goals … [Read more...]

Where were you a year ago? – #Mamavation Monday

A year ago... to the day... I joined Mamavation - a wonderful online support group dedicated to weight loss for women. A year ago, I had given up on the idea that I could actually be healthy. I had resigned myself to the idea that maybe I was just … [Read more...]

Have you met Shannon? (@aries_mommy)? – #mamavation finalist

Have you met Shannon?  No?!?!  Allow me to introduce her to you then!  She's fairly new to the Sistahood, but one thing I realized is that she is all about diving in - head first.  When she sets her mind to something, so goes for it with all she's got … [Read more...]