Salted Caramel Pecan Bars – {Recipe}

This time of year always sneaks up on me like the creepy clown behind the door of a haunted house.  Things are rocking along with intermittent chaos mixed with the calm 11 months of the year and then December hits and all of a sudden my schedule … [Read more...]

A Slightly off kilter perspective… on grocery shopping

This time of year, more than most I think, I dread going to the grocery store. The crowds... the manic shopping cart drivers... fighting for a parking spot... and EVERYONE is standing in front of what I need.  Don't these people know that I got stuff … [Read more...]

Unjunk Halloween with Unreal Candy!

It's Halloween!  But y'all probably knew that.  By now, you probably have your costumes ready to go and the candy stash awaiting the trick or treaters... unless you were dealing with Hurricane Sandy and decided to break into the stash to cope.  No … [Read more...]

I want my Halloween back…

I'm pretty sure I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy... I remember with great fondness the "good old days" where halloween meant fun for kids of all ages... whether it was fun activities for the younger kids or pumpkin carving or even pumpkin painting we all … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday -Week 5 – Feb 14th 2011

It’s Valentines day :) That used to make me cringe, but now it makes me smile for a few reasons – the obvious one is that I have a wonderful husband who not only shows me how much he cares with general acts of kindness and adoration throughout the … [Read more...]