I remember being so stinkin' excited for Halloween as a kid - I mean who DOESN'T love candy?!?! Then when my littles were ... well, little, I was excited all over again as we would dress them up and take them out for trick or treating goodness... One … [Read more...]

Counting your blessings

Yesterday was Halloween and I was surrounded by creative costumes and sugar induced hyperactivity.  Although I was without my own offspring, I was blessed to help wrangle three more of my favorite littles as I crashed the family outing of Food Good … [Read more...]

Unjunk Halloween with Unreal Candy!

It's Halloween!  But y'all probably knew that.  By now, you probably have your costumes ready to go and the candy stash awaiting the trick or treaters... unless you were dealing with Hurricane Sandy and decided to break into the stash to cope.  No … [Read more...]

Random thoughts for a random Monday…

You know how some Mondays you wake up and know it's gonna be an AWESOME day... and then there are those other Mondays when you wake up and wish you could find a reset button? Today is somewhere in between for me. I had a GREAT weekend.  Tons of time … [Read more...]

Last Minute Halloween Scramble – DIY Costume Idea

When you go through a divorce, holidays change... among other things.  We've grown accustomed to the split and shared Thanksgiving and Christmas, Spring break and summer vacations.  Halloween though, is a bit of a different tale.  For one thing, it's not … [Read more...]