Simple Things

You may have detected that the last few weeks were full of things that are not simple... Dealing with changes to the household... changes to schedules... untraining 10 years of bad habits and retraining good ones. I hold my Giant to ridiculously … [Read more...]

What is a Friend – Top Ten Tuesday

Do you ever have those moments where something is coming at you from all directions?  Lately the topic of friendship has been that for me.  Both online and in real life.  Lately I've been really thinking of what it means to be a friend... Can you be a … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday

Do you ever notice yourself complaining about your circumstances?  I do occasionally and am thankful when I snap out of it and start remembering all I have to be thankful for.   For example, I could complain about my job… or I could be thankful that … [Read more...]