Coffee with friends

Coffee... without it, I get a little stabby... It's how I start my day after a morning workout... It's what I enjoy with my friend Jessica where we catch up on each other's lives (ok, in all honesty, it's usually me filling her in on me while she … [Read more...]

A new chapter begins… #mamavation Monday

It's no secret that I've been distant lately.  I've been avoiding my blog and twitter and facebook and mostly just hiding out while I figure things out.  It's a process.  And not an easy one. I feel as though I owe you all an explanation so that you do … [Read more...]

What is a Friend – Top Ten Tuesday

Do you ever have those moments where something is coming at you from all directions?  Lately the topic of friendship has been that for me.  Both online and in real life.  Lately I've been really thinking of what it means to be a friend... Can you be a … [Read more...]