#mamavation monday – It’s a journey

For those of you that noticed, no, I didn’t post last week.  Going through some things that left me feeling a bit …. Well, off kilter (ironic huh?)  I also had a 3 lbs gain last week that I didn’t want to admit.  I should have posted… I tell … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids busy during the holidays

Hi Gang - Struggling with keeping the kids entertained during the holiday break?   here's how I do it! (no duct tape required!) … [Read more...]

Why Wait till New Year’s?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twitter. Why? Throw something out there that you KNOW you need to do or a goal you have and suddenly there are TONS of people with the same goal! LOVE IT! The other day, an innocent tweet appeared about P90X and then – All of a … [Read more...]

I haven’t fallen off the earth…

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't been around very much lately - you would NOT believe how crazy busy my schedule has been since being named as one of the new Mamavation Moms! We now have all of the pieces in place... well, almost all of them anyway so now is … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday – Oct 18th 2010

There has been some confusion on twitter about what weight/ measurements to post for today's entry… So, I'm posting everything.   Weight: At application date: 254 Last Week: 248.5 Today: 246.5 LORI – I LOST 2 POUNDS!!!!  2 WHOLE … [Read more...]