Book Quote… and a Reading Challenge

I have always been a reader. Always. As is mini-me... When I read the words on pages, a movie plays in my mind. I can see and hear and absorb the setting and characters from the words on the page and imagine the worlds that they reside in. Giant on … [Read more...]

Book Report – #playinmay

I failed to share my thoughts on Heroes for yesterday but I believe strongly in the needs and presence of heroes, so when I find/make the time, I will go back and fill in that gap. What I didn't fail to do was recharge. I needed some time to refill my … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday- Blessings Abound

Funny thing about "Thankful Thursday"... When I first proposed the idea to my village, one of those nearest and dearest was reluctant to join fearing that she wouldn't have enough to be thankful for. My thought on that is that you can always find … [Read more...]

Reading is …

I had an ACTUAL phone conversation with my bestie last night while I was driving home and she says to me: "Do you know what I would do if someone told me to stop what I'm doing, put on my pajamas and go read for an hour?" Knowing us you could probably … [Read more...]