About Birthdays

It's not MY birthday - but it is The Big Guy's birthday and that is a day to celebrate.  It wasn't until we met that I truly understood what was missing from all of the failed relationships of days gone by - connection.  Connection I don't mean the … [Read more...]

The Ball I dropped

Birthdays are extremely important in my world and I always want to make sure that the person who is celebrating said birthday feels loved and adored.  Always. We don't throw the big birthday parties for the kids and instead we focus on making the … [Read more...]


Y'all know I'm an UBER proud mama.  I love love love love that I was blessed with some amazeballs kids... I know every mom prolly says that... well, except perhaps Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad who open states her kids are possessed (I disagree - I … [Read more...]