Top 5 Favorite Grocery Store Finds

Ever since I began my journey towards a healthier life, I've struggled with the sheer plethora of information available on what to eat and what to avoid. It can be EXTREMELY confusing! I agree with the idea that my body thrives with REAL food but with … [Read more...]

#Mamavation Monday – Week 2

This week was a crazy one and honestly I'm glad to see that the scale didn't go up more than it did. Eating wise, I did ok - skipped all the carbs and even avoided the dreaded office donuts... Where I KNOW I fell short was in the water and exercise … [Read more...]

#Mamavation Monday Week 1

Week one is in the books.  It's done and there's nowhere to go but down... lbs that is :) The last few days haven't made the scale budge even a little bit but I'm ok.  6.5 lbs the first week is nothing to frown about. Sunday was the hardest day for … [Read more...]

Cauliflower is my new favorite veggie

I think cauliflower is my new favorite veggie... Made some steaks for dinner last night and *really* wanted some mashed taters to go with it. Potatoes are a HUGE no-no on Atkins so I had to find a substitute. Made mashed cauliflower with Parmesan cheese … [Read more...]

Fall is just around the corner

Fall is right around the corner… at least that’s what they say. I’ve overheard the marching band practices that tell me that football season is upon us and we just had our first cool front of the season blow in - the temperatures dropped to a … [Read more...]