SXSW adventures

I’m finally coming out of my SXSW haze and coming back here to write. I normally avoid the downtown craziness like the PLAGUE because… well… people.


This year however, I was feeling a bit daring… and boy am I glad I was because I ventured out to check out a few sessions and got to party a bit while I was at it.

Nothing crazy of course, because this is me… but after listening to some talented bloggers talk about working with brands, I started looking at where I’m at with my goals for this here blog.

If you’re an email subscriber, you may have gotten the notice that gone are the daily updates. I don’t want to flood your inbox any more than I already have so I’m switching to a 2x per month update. That way, we can stay connected and I’m not overwhelming you with crap you could care less about. If you’ve avoided signing up for emails from me because you don’t want to flood your inbox, now’s a great time to subscribe.

On Sunday, Evin stepped out of her comfort zone and myself and hundreds of locals are really glad she did.  She entered AND WON the Austin Taco Takedown.  

Taco TakedownI couldn’t be happier for her!  Plus?  In the Austin American Statesman, you can find her recipe for her Radish salad.  Now, let me say this… I’m not a fan of radishes… BUT I was genuinely sad there wasn’t any of that left over.


I also was able to cross something off my “foodie bucket list.” I’m really lucky to live in an area with so many AMAZING chefs sharing their passions. I’ve long heard about the amazingness that is Franklin BBQ, but me in a line for 3+ hours for anything isn’t likely to happen. Thanks to Verizon wireless though, I was able to avoid the line and enjoy what is absolutely, hands down, the BEST BBQ I’ve ever tasted…

Franklin BBQI’m not a fan of brisket. {Don’t take my Texan card away} At least that’s what I used to think… now? Now I finally understand the beauty of AMAZING Brisket. Brisket that is so tender it falls off your fork and melts in your mouth. I’m not saying I’m gonna jump in a 3+ hour line for it anytime soon, but I also learned that they are opening up the old trailer for To Go orders and for THAT? well, I might just have to make the trek again.  Unless Franklin BBQ wants to start mailing to the sticks… cause I’d be down for that too… 

I also got to join my friend Marla for a Jimmy Kimmel taping where we got to see Kevin Hart {Promoting his new movie Get Hard} and musical guest Brad Paisley.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

Brad Paisley on Jimmy Kimmel in Austin

Get Hard looks hilarious and I love the comedic match up of Hart with Will Ferrell.  I may just have to check it out with friends in the weeks ahead.  and hearing Brad Paisley sing some of my favorite songs had me dancing in my nose-bleed level seats.

The best part though, has been the most beautiful weather we’ve been having.  It’s been perfect and the sunshine really brightens my day.  We’re about to get some more rain in the next few days which also works out perfect… since I’m kinda completely over “people” right now and need to recharge.  

This is the time of year when I want to buy a billboard for the SXSW crowds to remind them that yes, the weather is awesome…. RIGHT NOW.  I promise it doesn’t stay like this and Summer starts sooner and lasts longer than any of us really want… in fact, I just got the weather alert that storms are headed this way with the potential for flooding. Be safe y’all.  Enjoy the sunshine and dance in the rain.


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  1. So glad you got to do so many things and with some of my favorite people. We did Kimmel last year and loved it. Super green jelly right now but only in the best way.


  2. Course… you did miss out on that one thing…

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