{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday – On Swimming

This past weekend was Swim Meet Weekend.

Finally went through the 322 pictures taken between the giant and myself and thought a {Mostly} Wordless Wednesday would be the perfect chance.

At Swim Meets, there is always a lot of waiting…



And swimming of course

swim baby

Fly Baby Fly

The kids are quite creative…

And so are the coaches… It was Easter weekend after all.

Swim Coach 2

Swim Coaches

Swim Coach


And in our case, there’s also a lot of picture taking… Mini-Me was not amused

not amused

But a properly prepared momma knows that cookies make most everything better.

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  1. Guess what? We’ve done the swim meet thing and I likewise, have several hundred shots of my son and his fellow swimmers! what else is there to do at a swim meet?? He’s swimming in college now. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. How cute the coaches wore bunny ears =)

  3. Yes, the cookie thing always works! 🙂

  4. We have yet to venture into swim team though there have been rumblings. I may not be able to put it off again next year. I definitely see why he’s called Mini Me — he looks just like you! You have two gorgeous boys!

    • Thanks lovely. I think swim was the best decision we’ve made for the boys. The giant can’t wait to join the high school team next year.

    • …and… If you go the swim team route… And go to the meets… We could totally hang out all weekend together 😉

  5. The waiting would kill me. But it sounded like they did well and it was a good meet!

    • That’s why I pack loads of stuff to keep me busy… crochet, books, iPhone… Boys are responsible for their own distractions… which might explain why I have 322 pictures – NOT COUNTING VIDEO to go through…

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