Summertime Snacking – Part 1

Summer at our house is busy – I’m sure a lot like yours.  There are swim team practices, summer camp, and when I’m not playing chauffeur, the kids are running the neighborhood playing with friends.

Have growing active boys also means that I need to be prepared with snacks because at any given time, I’m bound to hear “I’m Hungry” and one thing motherhood has taught me, I must be prepared.

I always have fresh fruit available and the kids have their snack drawer in the fridge full of healthy options, but sometimes I need snacks that I can throw in my purse (or as some may have noticed during Mamavation™ Fitcation, my ‘suitcase’) so that we aren’t caught unexpectedly out and about without any snack options.

Before Mamavationâ„¢ that thought wouldn’t have occurred to me.  I’d just pull into any handy convenience store or fast food place to grab something quick and easy, but since I began my journey, I’ve put a lot more thought into what snacks I have available.  Here are some of my favorite choices for myself and my kids:

Larabar – Larabars were the first snack I discovered on my Mamavation journey.  What I loved about them at first sight was the limited ingredients.  Many of the bars have only a handful of ingredients and the best part is I can pronounce them all.  The favorite in my house is the Peanut Butter and Jelly bar and the ingredients are simply dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries and a touch of salt.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  When I first tried the Larabar, and reluctantly shared it with my kids, we were all smitten!  I was shocked that something good for you could taste that good!  Now I keep a stock on hand and if we are headed out, I will grab a few and throw them in my purse.  I also keep a few at work for myself so that when I feel “snacky” I can enjoy a Larabar instead of hitting the vending machine. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


Luna Bar – Along the lines of grab ‘n go, I’m also a bit selfish.  I like to keep a few Luna Bars handy as well, but these I don’t share.  Oh it’s not that the kids wouldn’t love them – it’s that these are perfect when I really need a quick chocolate fix… and if I shared them with the kids, I’d run out when most inconvenient.  I’m sure of that!  I recently tried their two new flavors – Chocolate dipped Coconut and Chocolate Chunk and I must say that they are both fantastic.  A lot of the “healthy” chocolate bars taste… well, not like chocolate… but these are indulgent and with 9g of protein and 3g of fiber, way better than a candy bar. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


Matt’s Munchies – I was only recently introduced to Matt’s Munchies at Mamavation™ Fitcation.  I remember growing up that my mom wouldn’t buy things like Fruit Roll Ups or other “crap food” because it wasn’t healthy.  I remember watching all my friends eat the fun, rubber snack and wishing my mom were cooler. (yes, I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food) I think that’s why I love the fruit leathers from Matt’s Munchies.  They are fun…but even better than that, they aren’t what my mom would call “crap food”.  and the flavors are AMAZING.  These fruit snacks are Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan and even Kosher.  And with flavors like “Choco Nana” and “Island Mango” this is a fun fruit snack that you and your kids will love!  Plus, the only ones that I saw with added sugar are the Chocolate flavors, so by sticking with the fruit ones, I know my kids aren’t getting in any extra sugar (which can sneak in without warning.)  I think my favorite part about these snacks (aside from the fact that the ones I’ve tried are all well under 100 calories per serving) is the fact that there is nothing artificial ANYTHING in them.  It’s like something I could make at home if only I had the time and resources. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


Mary’s Gone Crackers – Another Gluten Free, Allergy friendly, vegan option are the crackers, cookies, and pretzel like sticks from Mary’s Gone Crackers.  There are a variety of flavors available – including Curry, Sea Salt, for the savory varieties and Gingersnap for the cookies.  I shared a few of these with my bosses wife and she was so grateful to have a gluten-free snack option available to her.  (plus I got a few brownie points in the midst). Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


This is part one of a series in healthy snacking, so stay tuned for more great snack ideas!  While you are here, don’t forget to enter to win a free case of Chobani Greek Yogurt! 2 winners will be selected so enter today!


***Larabar, Luna Bar, Matt’s Munchies, & Mary’s Gone Crackers were a sponsors of Fitcation 2011.  As an attendee, I received their products for free; however, the opinions are 100% my own and have not been modified.***



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