Summertime Plans

Remember when you were in school and your teacher would have you write all about your summer vacation?  Ok, granted that was usually in the fall when you were recounting all the fun you had, but still. 

That’s what’s on my mind today.

Of course, as a mom, “summer vacation” is far scarier than it was as a kid… For one thing, I’ve got this (amazing) teen… who’s not yet ready to tackle a summer job, but shouldn’t be home alone either… so there’s that… and while that fills the bulk of my mind right now, I’m also yearning for the end of school as much as my kids are.  It’s been a bumpy ride and now that the end of the year is fully in sight, I’m ready for this year to come to a close.

And while I’m still juggling a variety of appointments for my Giant, I’m hopeful for some ME time this summer.  Because as y’all have often heard me say, there’s a reason flight attendants tell you to put on your oxygen mask first in the event of an emergency and THEN help those around you.  You are worthless to others if you aren’t taking care of you.

Today I allowed myself to think about what I want… {something that has been on the back-burner for the last few months as I fight for my kiddo to make sure he gets the support he needs} … and started thinking about all of the important projects I want to tackle this summer.

Books to read

I {unlike my giant} LOVE to read… and not 9th grade geography books…. which is all I’ve had time for lately… 

There’s a great list from some of my favorite bloggers courtesy of Bonbon Break of the 20 top summer reads floating around if you haven’t yet seen it and are looking for what to fill your lazy days with. {assuming there will BE some lazy days}.

I don’t want to be TOO optimistic on the amount of reading I want to accomplish, but my list includes:

I’m also gonna bug a friend for some Sci-Fi recommendations because he has YET to steer me wrong… 

TV to Watch

One of the BEST parts of being a grown up has to be the ability to sit around all day {weekend?} and do nothing but veg out in front of Netflix.  Right?!?!  

  • Game of Thrones {I’m so far behind on this I’m planning to just START OVER from the beginning} – 5 seasons
  • Orange is the New Black{Dude!  Season 3 comes out June 12th.}
  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D {two seasons}
  • Mad Men{I watched the first two seasons and then stopped… now that it ended, I’m dying to watch ‘the rest of the story’… although I’ll likely start from the beginning here too}
  • Friday Night Lights – 5 seasons {No I haven’t seen it.  Shut Up}

Projects to finish

crochetOn April 25th, was the last time I picked up my crochet…

I only know the date because (a) it’s memorialized on social media and (b) that was the the day of Listen To Your Mother… not because I have some crazy ability to remember dates and stuff… I can’t remember yesterday people.  

But SOMEDAY I want to finish this project because it’s for me.  It’s not a project earmarked for a friend or family member but for me.  And my bed desperately needs this to be finished.  

I also have an idea for another project – for a friend – that I want to start working on but can’t until I get this one finished.  Can. Not. Start. Another. Project.

… but if I don’t start on it by at least July, it won’t be ready for Christmas so there’s that…

Words to write

The whole Listen To your Mother Experience was amazing… and as such, I have so many more stories that are yearning to be told.  Some fiction {based on fact}… some fact {that are so hard to believe that they sound like fiction}… some for public eyes and some that I will only keep to myself.   Writing for this blog… and hopefully for others… 

The point is, this summer I want to write more… no, I NEED to write more… and I will.

…and all the other stuff

Oh sure, there will be a ton of stuff to do for the boys… added swim, school registration, camps, etc.  There will be the annual trip to CO of course with all that entails.  There will be back to school shopping… and me registering for classes in the fall, but this summer?  I hope I can carve a tiny bit out for just me… and spend some of it with my besties and those who fill my heart.

How about you?  Summer plans being made?

{And let’s not judge me on the fact that my TV watching list is longer than my “book reading” list and doesn’t even include movies that are on my “must watch” queue 🙂 }



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