With a prompt like “Stop” I wouldn’t be surprised if what followed was “In the name of love” or “Collaborate and Listen” or even “Hammer Time”… but noen are the direction I’m headed today. {Isn’t it cute how I pretend to have a direction?}

A funny thing happens this time of year for me. Already introspective by nature, I tend to get even MORE self analytical. Yes, it’s possible.

I’ve been noticing how people in my world have shifted into different roles… and some have disappeared altogether. Perhaps that’s because I’ve changed… or my circumstances have anyway… I’m no longer free at the drop of a hat and maybe some feel like to “plan” is just more effort than I’m worth but that’s their loss… and mine… mostly theirs.

Last year you all followed along through some turbulence as I worked to find myself… and I guess this year, I want to avoid that. Well, not entirely but I’d like the roller coaster of ups and downs to be a bit less steep.

In order to facilitate that though, there are a few things I need to stop…
Stop looking for the right person

I’ve stopped looking altogether if I’m being honest… but there’s a lot of truth here. I can’t control the people I meet (romantic interests or friendships)… I can’t make them sincere or honest… I can’t make them put forth the effort I deserve. What I CAN do is focus on me. On being the kind of friend, mother, daughter and role model that I want to be.

I also need to stop fretting about imaginary situations that may never happen anyway… So much wasted energy is spent on worry… but come on, I’m a mom. There will always be times when I worry… but to worry about the things I can’t control? That needs to stop.

Be positive about what could go right

With the latest adventure the Giant and I are on, there’s no way for me to even BEGIN to imagine the scenarios that could come up… So to worry is really just a waste of time anyway.

Lastly (for this post anyway, I could go on and on about things I need to stop) I need to stop doubting myself. In all the things. I’ve come a long way and grown up tremendously over the last few years. I’ve got this and I need to stop forgetting that.


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  1. I frequently found, for the longest time, that it was easier to see the the good, and celebrate the success in others before I ever did it for myself. When I finally learned to truly see, and celebrate myself, life became lighter, and brilliantly beautiful.
    I see you. I know you. I love you. I celebrate you. I want you to really see yourself, and celebrate who you really are.

  2. I will admit collaborate and listen was the first thought in my mind when I read the prompt but went a different route after watching the YouTube video for ice ice baby. You have come along way in the past few years and I would like to say I love the Shelley you are!

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