Starting New – Mamavation Monday

A New Year…

I don’t know what that means to you, but for me it means a fresh start.  I did NOT continue my healthy living over my holiday – which wasn’t just a few days but lasted from Dec 23rd until … well, yesterday. 

Today though, I’m back at work.  Which means I’m back to a routine.  A schedule.  And I find that works best for me.  I’ve not been disciplined enough to ‘fit’ healthy in when I don’t plan…and I work best under pressure. 

So, how do I plan to get back on track?  It started this morning with a healthy, low fat breakfast and a packed lunch of the same.  There will be more salads and healthy soups hitting the table at my house and I’ve thrown out all of the remaining treats that I already over indulged in. I’m back to my super huge water mug (32 oz) so that I can get back to being hydrated because I definitely learned over the break that when I don’t drink my water, I feel sluggish and tired.  Too tired. 

Eating right isn’t enough though – I’m back on the fitness bandwagon too.  I’m SUPER stoked about the p90x challenge – although it’s been a roller coaster as well – I originally was going to borrow from a co-worker and was super stoked!!! But…. Then that fell through and in the spirit of equal highs and lows, I was extremely bummed… but then my dear friend Greta offered to send me an extra copy she had and now we are back to excited 🙂  She’s shipping it today (fingers crossed) so I’ll be a few days behind, but I’m it this for the long haul! 

Plus, I’ll be joining my good friend Jessica in water aerobics on Tuesdays and Thursdays this month at our local Rec Center!

I’m also training for a 5K that I’m running April 30th  2011 – the Central Texas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! 

A question came up this week: 

“What are ways you can work out without having to leave the house?” 

And while I do love getting out of the house to get a good work out in, sometimes, whether it’s due to weather conditions or schedule conflicts, I NEED to have a back up plan to work out at home.  My all-time FAVORITE way to work out at home involves my EAS Active (I have both “More Workouts” and the “EAS Active 2” ) for the wii.  I also have my eye on some other wii workouts that I saw at my local Game Stop!  There’s a fantastic twitter party sponsered by Gamestop on Wednesday and I hope to see you there!   PLUS, they are sponsering this week’s blogging carnival!  Why do I love this?  (a) I get a good work out (b) I don’t have to have any special equipment (c) it can also be family fun because the boys get involved with me!  Not to mention that for the next month or so the gyms will be OVERLY crowded with all those ‘lose weight’ resolutions! 

One thing I learned though, is that just because I CAN work out at home doesn’t mean I WILL… and that’s where having a plan and a schedule makes all the difference in the world. 

For me, I use things like watching TV, reading the next book in the Twilight saga, or working on one of my many crafting projects (I’ve usually got 3-4 going at any point in time) as a reward for getting my workout done, and for those days when I feel like I just can’t do it, I commit to a short 5-10 minute workout…knowing that once I get started, I’ll push through longer.

There are other ways to fit short bursts of fitness into your routine at home as well – sit-ups or holding plank position during comercial breaks, calf-raises and/or squats while making dinner, even walking in place while brusing your teeth can keep you moving and as those helpful physics clases taught us, an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by a equal or stronger force… so, I find that once I’m moving I stay moving… equally true, once I sit… I stay sitting.

So what are my goals for this week?  I have a LOT

  • Track nutrition and get back to the nutritional plan that I was provided with as a Mamavation Mom
  • Get water intake back up to a minimum of 96 oz per day
  • Week 1 of C25K
  • Structured workouts 6/7 days per week – P90X once I receive it and EAS Active 2 until then
  • Water Aerobics 2x per week. (Tuesday & Thursday)

P90X challenge – I’m sad to say that my measurements today are EXACTLY the same as they were my final week of being a Mamavation Mom… but here they are in all their glory :




  1. Woohoo! 5k is lined up and now all the points A-Z need to be implemented. Your 2011 lifestyle is going to be fantastic.

  2. I need a chart too! Can you email that to me so I can plug my numbers in?
    Also, you got some great stuff coming up and doing great on the fitness! 2011 is our year, dear.

  3. Even if you fell off the band wagon, you still look FAB! So glad you’re able to join the P90x challenge. I don’t have that so, I’m participating in the EASActive challenge – woot!!

    Here’s to recommitment and a fantabulous 2011!!

  4. Let’s here it for routines! You know I think the end of the year nearly killed us all. I’m ready for a New Year and a fresh start too. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Good luck on the challenge.

  5. I SO hear you on doing better with a schedule! Amen. And I did W1D1 of C25K yesterday! I always seem to give it up somewhere around week 6, but not this time.

    good luck with the P90X challenge! And I’m happy for you that you got a set to borrow. It’s expensive! I got mine on Craigslist pretty cheap, but then ended up reselling it after we went through it once – it was just way too much for us at the time – and we got a different BB program. Anyway, blah blah blah. GOOD LUCK! I look forward to reading your progress!

  6. Wishing you the best in the P90X challenge. Hope that you get yourself back on track and keep up with it. Have a great week.

  7. hello hot momma how you doin ? 😉 I am so glad you get to do the px9o I am hoping my sil in comes througha dn sends me hers she is not using! I so want to do it with you, but I know you will rock it!You are on a roll this year!

  8. My routine is such a safety net for me also. It is breaking it, or setting a new bad behavior in there that derails me. Sounds like you are doing everything right. Water, check. Packed a healthy lunch, check. You rock!

    So glad you got the Dvds… I am sure that was disappointing. Sometime I would love to try the P90x challenge, but not sure about the price tag right now.

    The Wii is my new best friend. Yes, you were right! The EA Sports Active 2 is amazing! I was sore for 3 days after my initial workout. Can’t wait to see your result from this booty-kicking workout plan.

    Have a great week, and Happy New Year!

  9. Well hello there sexy mama!!! You are going to accomplish your goals! You can do this!

  10. Way to come back to the routine. I am so bad about that, but I am trying 🙂 I like how you use the stuff you love as the reward to working out.

    Be glad that your measurements haven’t gone up since the last week as Mamavation Mom. You are starting at a great point with a lot of support from all of us and the P90X group.

    Good Luck! You are an inspiration!

  11. I’m the same as you – gimme a routine and I’m gold, but working out at home? OY! I REALLY need to plan to do that. Good luck with all of your goals this year!

  12. How about that? Haven’t heard from u in a while. I m hungry and eat more when I don t drink. So u re on p90x? Good luck! Will talk to I soon

  13. Kimberly @christlikemommy says

    Way to go girl!! Glad to see you are off to a fresh start! I am so inspired by you ladies doing P90X, and if I am not chosen as Mamavation Mom, I will be joining in the fun! (LOL, fun?) Get to drinking that water! Have a GREAT week lady! 🙂

  14. Packing lunch has been really important in living a healthy lifestyle for me! Woo hoo on getting going on P90X it honestly scares me! I’m hoping to either try that or Insanity once I get in a bit better shape! I look forward to reading about how you are doing with it. I’ve been wanting to try water aerobics for awhile, have fun with it!! And a 5k! Girl, you are on a roll! I have to research what 5k’s are available in my area and sign up for one! Im excited and nervous! Good luck this week!

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