On Something New…

Ok so yesterday there was nothing new here… but behind the scenes, something magical was brewing.

Ok… maybe not like Harry Potter magical but you see, when Evin and I get to brainstorming, crazy things happen… sometimes those crazy things are awesome.

First of all, you have to understand that Evin is and always will be Lucy to my Ethel.  When she texts the big guy asking where tools are, he never responds with their location… simply a No.  {This is why I always travel with tools- now we don’t even need to ask}  Sitcoms could be written about our antics.

Axis of IneptitudeI’m sure, if you know either of us at all,  you can imagine how disjointed our conversations are already – both of us skilled at keeping up with a roller coaster of topic changes.

One thing we were discussing is the need for motivation to keep writing.  I’ve been pretty good for a few months now, save yesterday, about daily updates, but I’d like to have a bit more purpose than the ramblings of my brain.

Another thing we were talking about is how – especially on Facebook – we see all of the “highlight reels” for people’s lives instead of “real.”

If nothing else, I want to be real.

In All Things.

I don’t like masks.  I embrace my fuck ups.  I accept my ‘crazy.’  I like to refer to it as my personal brand of charm. The admission fee for the amusement park…

Blogging is no different.  It’s not always sunshine and butterflies around here, but it is at a minimum real.  And let’s face it… our fuck ups are way more entertaining than the “I’m so perfect in all that I do” posts that clutter the blogisphere.

Thus is born the Axis of Ineptitude which is quite possibly the best description of our friendship EVAH….

The perfect blending of Food Good, Laundry Bad and my own Slightly off Kilter world.

We decided that instead of the typical blogging Challenges we see around town, we wanted to do something different.  We want to challenge fellow bloggers to join us in embracing life’s “finer” moments along with a bit of fun in May.

Come Play In May With Food Good, Laundry Bad & Slightly off Kilter

***Yes… I KNOW there’s a Typo on May 26th & 29th.  Fuck it.  It’s more proof of who we really are***

Here are the rules… Be Real.  I’d love to challenge you to blog every day with us, but I’m also a realist and know some of y’all way too well… Join in for as many or as few as you wish – but link up when you do so that we can follow along.  That’s it.  you can interpret the “prompts” however you see fit and some are DEFINITELY open to interpretation.

If you aren’t a fellow blogger, I hope you’ll check out some of the participants linked up on our posts.  You never know – you might find some new blogs to read along with!

So that’s what’s on the agenda.  I’m SUPER excited and can’t wait to see who all is joining!  Are you in?  Leave me a comment!

And because I know that images can be difficult to read sometimes, here’s text form.

1 – Why I write
2  – Define yourself in an uncommon way
3/4 –  Cook a Thing. Do or Do Not… there is no Try
5  –  Mondays are for bitching
6  – The Ball I dropped
7  – Art – create something beautiful
8  – Vague Posting
9  – Breathe – find your zen
10/11 –  Make a Thing/Motherhood – we made that…
12  – Limerick Day! Share/write a limerick
13  – That time I fucked up
14  – Double Entendre
15  – Raw
16  – Fashion you wish were still in style
17/18 – Clean a thing – National Pack Rat Day is May 17th
19  –  Irrational Hatred
20  – a letter to your future… self, partner, child
21  – Fucking Uterus
22  – Tell me a story – fiction challenge
23  – If I were a boy
24/25  – Feel a thing
26  – Heroes
27  – Book Report
28  – A month/week/day in pictures
29  – Scandalous
30  – “Inside my purse – With PICTURES”
31  – My favorite posts – linking back to posts from the challenge



  1. Mary Alice says
  2. I’m going to Come Play In May!

  3. Count me in. Awesome!

  4. Sounds fun. I’m in!

  5. I love this. I shall endeavor to participate because I’m sure everyone appreciates having beautybloggers play in their sandbox!

  6. Ok I guess I’m in :p

  7. Sounds like fun!! I might have to join in a few days next month 🙂

  8. I’m in for as much as I can handle! I love, *love* how well your logos go together. Kismet for sure. 🙂

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