Slim Down Saturday- cooking for a crowd

I didn’t post last week but not because of any particular reason. Just trying to figure out my new normal. Again. It’s like just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, life smirks and screams PLOT TWIST. But we are all getting there. One day at a time.

When I first started on ideal protein, the folks and I had an arrangement. Don’t worry about meals for me and I’ll still make dinner for you on the weekend as long as you don’t mind eating diet food.

Add in a growing 6’4″ 18 year old bottomless pit and we had to adjust slightly. I’m grateful for cookbooks that have already figured out how to make low fat/low carb taste great but we are also in the experimenting phase where sometimes things don’t go as planned. Dijon chicken was a huge win with plates being licked and future encores being requested. Rhubarb & chayote squash? Nope. Nope. Nope.

I’m also finding vegetables in the grocery store that I’ve never given a second look at and having to check out YouTube videos for how to prepare them.

Tonight is straight out of Jeneva’s cookbook with Italian Fish and a roasted fennel and red cabbage slaw that I added mushrooms to. Looks good. Smells good. I’m hopeful. It’s definitely one of those times when I’m glad I don’t have a picky eater in the house.

All in all, it’s working. We were checking out a new farm to board the horses at when Mom noticed I looked slimmer. The next day she commented on my pants being baggy. (Mom isn’t one to give compliments so that’s saying something)

I don’t see it often but sometimes I just feel skinnier. Flip side is there are other days when I’m convinced I’m back to my starting weight overnight. The beginning is hard. You don’t see a lot of loss yet. You compare yourself to others who might be losing more quickly. You second guess yourself, wondering if there’s anything else you could do to speed the process up. But you don’t know their story. Maybe someone else lost 10 lbs one week but it was all water. Maybe someone else hasn’t lost in weeks when all of a sudden their body just decided to release and let go.

My weigh in today was 3lbs exactly. Bringing my six week total to 17 lbs. Some days, that feels like it’s not enough for the work. Some days it feels amazing because it’s a lot more than I was ever able to do before. Math wise, that’s almost 3 lbs a week which is pretty remarkable. And at this rate, I might even hit the first mini goal I set for myself by my birthday like I wanted.

Just like finding my new normal, every day is another chance to do the right things and make choices. Slow and steady finding a new normal in all the things.


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