Skeptical HouseI don’t consider myself a skeptical person. I’m far too trusting and naive for someone of my advancing years. Still believing in fairy tales and happy endings… still believing that the story lines in movies can actually happen to people like you and me… still believing that people are inherently good contrary to what the nightly news might depict.

Even still, I think there are areas where skepticism rears its head. I struggle to believe, well anything, my ex tells me. Especially about my kiddos.

I struggle to believe that MORE government is the answer to anything.

I’m skeptical about most conspiracy theories… mostly because they give way too much credit to said government for being intelligent and conniving and that I think is only true on Scandal.

There are also things that are a bit closer to home that raise my skepticism….

Like when someone compliments me. I hear the compliment and struggle to believe that the give actually means it. I find myself running through a checklist when someone says something nice…

  • What do they want?
  • Are they trying to manipulate me in some way?
  • Are they fishing for a return compliment?

Why is it so difficult to just believe that someone means something nice without an ulterior motive? Especially with my proclivity for believing in far more difficult fantasies…

I don’t necessarily think that skepticism is a bad thing… I’d rather be skeptical than a lemming following the masses if we are being honest. But I wonder how my skepticism affects my interactions and relationships…

What are you skeptical about?


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  1. You’re pretty and smell like cookies.

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