It’s funny to me that exactly a year ago today I shared a pet peeve and that’s the same direction this post could go… hmmm…

It’s not exactly a secret that I have my pet peeves… those things where you can’t help be look dumbfounded and feel the word “Seriously?” creep up to the tip of your tongue before you choke it back like cough medicine… or don’t in some cases…. no judgement.

Like when you hit up the good ol’ coffee shop and pay through the nose for your beverage and get something like this…

Or when you are at an event, and there are twice as many port-a-potties for the menfolk as there are for the women…
(and I realize you can’t tell that the two port-a-johns on the ends are for men with the one for women is in the middle because someone opened the door to the one on the end right as I was snapping the pic and I didn’t want to be that weird chick taking pictures of port-a-potties so you’ll just have to trust me…)

And while we are talking about potty-WTFs, I work in an office complex with adults… not children… and yet THIS is a daily scene in the rest room…
toilet paper

Or worse yet….
toilet paper

And can we take a moment to zoom in on the sign that the management posted…
Toilet paper sign

But one of my favorite “Seriously?!?” moments as of late…. is courtesy of the Giant…

Sometimes, I just have no words…


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  1. Hahahahahaha! So true!

  2. LOL to all of the above. I seriously have never seen a sex-specific porta potty, but what I encountered at 2 different races this summer and cannot comprehend AT ALL is the person before me putting the lid down! Gah.

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