Saturday Snapshot – March 29, 2014

I’m usually perusing the webisphere at crazy times when I see stuff that makes me smile… Or think… Or just sit for a moment and soak it all in. 

Usually the people I would send this crap to are asleep or busy or I get dist- oh look! A squirrel!

Where was I? Oh yeah. So here are some of the things that are way cooler than anything I wrote this week.  –  Links will open a new window so you won’t lose your place here and while I did include some NSFW stuff, it’s marked as such but AWESOME and you should lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to.

Starting off, how about a birds eye view of some amazing places!

There was also this most AMAZING father/daughter letter that had me in tears talking about what so many of us forgot along the way….

Now then – did you see these incredible dance partners of 30 years… Take a moment and watch this. It’s beautiful and makes me want to dust off my dancing shoes.  Might need to start looking for lessons again. Seriously – Watch this.  It’s like 4 minutes.

While you are doing that, I’ll just go ahead and take a peak at the gentlemen who are raising awareness for testicular cancer. {NSFW}

Speaking of bodies – I’ve struggled with “Body Acceptance” for a long time – silly I know… and then this week stumbled upon two things that were UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE.  Seriously.

Weirdly Shaped | Pin ThisFirst up – this AWESOMELY Amazing Post over at Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed where she took Body Shaming crap and spun it around beautifully and eloquently.

Plus, she’s gorgeous and I got sucked into her blog for a good 30 minutes and adore her so much {not a stalker} that I’ve added this to my Feedly and you should do the same… unless you don’t use Feedly in which case, add her to whatever RSS reader you DO use or Bookmark her site or whatever it is you do to keep track of awesomeness on the interwebs. {NOT SPONSORED }

Illusions of the Body - Collection from Gracie HaganThe Second thing I saw is TOTALLY NSFW and amazingly Beautiful.  If, of course, you think the human body is beautiful and aren’t a prude.

You see, there’s an AMAZING photographer named Gracie Hagen who’s images are honest and real and I find that beautiful.  She did a series titled Illusions of the Body in which she asked people to Pose in “conventionally flattering” poses and then in less flattering stances so that the images could be placed side by side. This collection is moving and real and beautiful… especially when you see a image that closely resembles the one in the mirror… and you see beautiy in that image for a moment because you are looking at it without the baggage that tells you to see ugly…. Go look.  Take some time.  See beauty in others and translate that to your own reflection because you are perfect in your imperfections… You are beautiful.



This image shared on my Facebook got a few shares and giggles

Do Not Dumb Here

But not as many as this one…
Keep your Mimsy Clean

And last but not least, in honor if The Breakfast Club celebrating it’s 30th anniversary (which totally can’t be true) you can find out which Breakfast Club character you are.  Go ahead. I’ll wait. I wanna see who you are in the comments below!


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