{Not Exactly} Wordless Wednesday – Run or Dye Austin

What seems like an eternity that passed by in an instant ago, I mentioned that I would participating in the Run or Dye 5K and guess what?  It happened.

August 30th… What was I thinking?!?!  In truth, we WERE spared the triple digits that normally plague us this time of year… what we weren’t spared was the humidity… 94% humidity so it was like slogging through soup.

And even with the weather less than optimal, wouldn’t you know it?  The boys and I had a blast!  Helen from Life in Random Bits was there and together we made it through… some of us faster than others of course… and me coming in dead last for our little group and yet, I did it.  We all did it.

I’m not much of a runner… I walked the entire thing and am proud that, for the most part, I kept up with Helen… at least until the very end.

Not familiar with the ?

At you become part of the rainbow.  As you run/walk/dance through the course, you will get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant-based powdered dye at every kilometer…turning you into a technicolor canvas of fun!

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be more colorful, you’ll cross the finish line and find yourself in the middle of a colorstorm at our Finish Festival!  You’ll jam out with our awesome emcees as they count down to the moment when YOU get to Tie-Dye the Sky and open your FREE color packet to share a bit of the rainbow with your friends, family, and everyone else around you.  The result is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many people tell us is the most fun they’ve ever had exercising.

Who should participate?  Everyone…

 Whether you’re a recovering couch potato or an avid marathon runner, you’ll love the atmosphere and experience at Run or Dye.  You’re welcome to walk, run, dance, or skip your way to the finish line.  And — kids 6 and under run FREE!

We had a blast and I know you wold too.  Missed the Austin event?  – It’s definitely an experience you won’t forget.




  1. So. Much. Fun! The weather could have been better, but I had a great time and we made it through and that’s what’s important. We did a 5K!

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