Revisiting Austin’s Park ‘n Pizza

You know how you live somewhere for a while and you kinda start to forget some of the really cool stuff there is to do?  Every week, at some point, I drive past Austin’s Park and Pizza on my commute for work or picking up the kiddos.  And yet?  I haven’t been there since way back when they first opened.  Shame on me.  I know.  So, when I learned that the fine folks over there were making some changes and wanted to get some honest feedback, I jumped on the invitation for myself and my family to check them out.

So much has changed since my last experience… upgrades to the audio/visual equipment, flooring and tables – and it makes a difference.  In fact, we stopped taking the kids to that other pizza/game place when Mini-me was five because the dirty carpet had me wondering how much else was dirty and that’s just gross when you are planning to eat somewhere.  Kudos to the management team for taking a vested interest in improving the experience.

Aside from the cosmetic improvements, the new games and attractions were a big hit with my guys for sure.  Especially the Slick Track Go Karts.  Mini-me was barely tall enough to reach the pedals but for the Giant and I, we had a blast!   I lost count of how many times we raced around the track and how many times the giant got stuck… of course the staff was quick to come to his rescue but me?  I was mentally calculating how many more months before he gets his learner’s permit…

Austin's park fun

Mini golf has always been a big hit in our family – Especially since the difficulty on the holes varies so sometimes, mom was the champ and other times my babes put me to shame.  It’s really a shame my guys and I don’t know how to have fun 🙂

I loved all of the rides clearly added to accommodate smaller children as I recall that my boys were out of luck when we were there ten years ago.  There are mini go-karts and Swings in the Park and even a little roller coaster for the littles.  So many families were having a blast and laughter filled the park whether on the 3 different go kart tracks, laser tag, bumper boats (which is just about perfect in this Texas heat) or on the mini-golf course.

As for the food, the management team is working on not only improving the quality of the pizza crust as this was the part of the pizza they felt could be improved upon, but they are also looking at adding in new menu items to offer a wider selection to the already present Pizza, Pasta and Salad that we would expect.  Some of the items being considered included a taco bar and Mini-me was stoked so we will definitely be on the lookout for that addition.  Regardless of what items make the cut, you can bet that as we continue to visit we will see an improved dining experience as well.  Austin’s Park even offers Gluten Free options if that is a concern for you.

Austin's park

The most fun that Mini-me had was a little contest with some amazing chefs to create pizzas from some less than typical ingredients.  The teams were given things like hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and meatballs and told to make a creation for the panel of judges including the Daytripper himself, Chet Garner!  Mini-me had so much fun that he’s still talking about that and even suggested that they need to make that one of the activities available – make a pizza for yourself or your family with the specialty toppings.  I tried to explain that logistically that wouldn’t likely work but that didn’t curb his enthusiasm.  He even suggested that they make that one of the birthday party packages.

Austin's Park Contest

Speaking of Birthdays, we’re headed back to celebrate Mini-me’s birthday in a couple of weekends and he’s so excited to be able to invite his friends to join in on the fun.  Austin’s Park and Pizza has a couple of different birthday packages to choose from.  All of the Austin’s Park Birthday packages include the unlimited buffet (great for my crew), unlimited attractions and even a game card for the arcade.  From there, you could select a GLOW party, a Tie-Dye party or even one catered more for the teens.

But let me say this… Don’t discount Austin’s Park as just a place for kids – I think it’s also an often overlooked date spot.  You can learn a lot about a person as they chase a little green (or red or blue) ball around a mini golf course or when you see their competitive streak in the go karts.  And let’s be honest, do you really want to date someone who takes themselves too seriously?

Thinking about going?  There are a few specials you might want to know about if you didn’t already:

Twilight Special –

Twilight – 7pm – 11pm Daily. UNLIMITED ATTRACTIONS & $5 FUNCARD. $19.95 per person. Come at 7pm and Enjoy 1 hour of Unlimited Buffet and Fountain Drinks until 8pm. Food and beverages may be purchased individually after 8pm.

Sizzling Summer Special –

Get more value out of your Summer Season passes – Use your valid 2014 Theme Park or Water Park season pass and SAVE! Receive $5.00 Off an Full All Day Pass (44″ and taller) & $3.00 Off a Junior All Day Pass (36″ to under 44″).

Military Discount –

Present your valid military ID any day and receive $5.00 off a regular priced all day unlimited pass. One discount per valid id. Immediate family members under 12 years of age without a military ID receive $3.00 off a regular priced all day unlimited pass.

 **All park policies apply. Buffet & Drinks close at 8pm daily Limited Time Offer and subject to change.  Unlimited buffet & fountain drinks close at 8pm daily. Attractions, snack bar and arcade close at 11pm. Prices do not include tax.  Unlimited Attractions do not include the batting cages or the arcade although those can be purchased separately**

Even better though is that my friend Heidi over at Free Fun in Austin (which I stalk err… follow to stay up to date on how to keep my kiddos entertained) is giving away four passes.  Head on over to see her take on the experience and enter to win four free passes to Austin’s Park if you are so inclined.  You know you wanna!



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