How do YOU teach financial responsibility to your kids?

One of the roles we mothers play is that of teacher…

We teach our kids simple things like tying their shoes, feeding themselves and how to read.

We teach our kids harder life lessons like how to deal with mean people, how to have self-respect and sometimes that life isn’t fair.

One lesson that we may forget to teach our kids is financial responsibility.

That’s a tough one. My parents have always been wonderful about handling their money and as a child, I never had to go without. It’s not that they didn’t teach my brother and I the value of a dollar, but we never had our own money to learn how to budget. That means that once I flew the coop, I crashed and burned a bit while I was learning how to manage my limited income.

As most parents would agree, I want more for my kids. That’s why I am so excited to share with you an exciting offer from American Express and She Speaks.

The PASS Card from American ExpressSM is a prepaid reloadable Card parents give to teens. It’s safe and convenient. There is no risk of overdraft fees or impact to the teen’s credit… or yours. This allows me to give my kids a set amount for their allowance or school shopping or birthdays and other holidays and they are able to learn how to manage their money.

The PASS Card from American Express is also safer than carrying around a lot of cash. I know that cash disappears so fast, but actually pulling out your card and writing down your transactions takes more thought and effort.

To order a PASS card from American Express is also simple. A few short questions and then selecting where to transfer funds from – either a bank account or from your American Express Card. Once completed, both you and your teen create separate log-ins to the website so that you can BOTH track the expenses opening up conversations with your child about their choices. There’s also no chance of your child over spending! Because it is pre-paid, they can only spend what is on the card avoiding overdraft fees that you might incur at a bank.

There is a fee charged for use at an ATM ($1.50) and a small monthly fee ($3.50), but the monthly fee is being waived until October 2011, so really, what do you have to lose?

Ready for the BEST part?!?! I’ve been authorized extend a special offer to you, my loyal and wonderful readers as well!

Sign up here and transfer a Minimum of $25 to an American Express PASS card and enter Promo Code SS25

You will be given an additional $25 on your card! This offer is really too good to pass up and ends April 15, 2011 so don’t delay! **promo code funds may take 2-6 weeks to be added to your card**

It’s a win/win opportunity for you to teach valuable lessons with no risk to you or your credit.

I’m excited to receive the card I ordered for my 11 year old son. We’ve already talked about some of the things he wants to shop for.

Stay tuned for updates on THAT adventure!

**this post is sponsored by American Express and She Speaks and while the author has been compensated, the opinons and information are honest and forthcoming.**


  1. That is a great way of keeping the important things in place. Great idea!

  2. I never learned financial responsibility as a child… as a result, I came into my marriage with 5K in debt… ugh My little guy will be taught better for sure!

  3. My little guy is 5 and we make him save his money up for toys. He was getting to the point where he wanted EVERYTHING he saw. I had to teach him that money doesn’t grow on trees and other kids don’t have HALF of what he does, so he gets money for different things.

    If he picks up his room by himself without being told (that’s the key) I give him $1, if he helps me dry dishes, I give him $1. When he’s got enough for what he wants, we go out and get it 🙂

  4. Wow! A pretty cool concept!! Get double your money!!

    My husband and I have already talked about at what age our 4-year-old will be getting a job so he can learn the value of money. We’re also trying to be more responsible so we can lead by example as well!

  5. I never knew anything like this existed. Fantastic information that I’m going to be thinking about!

  6. I wish my parents had done more to educate me about finances. I started working in high school but didn’t really understand the importance of saving and budgeting. Definitely going to have that conversation with my son! It’s so important to begin having these convos early.

  7. Teaching kids about money is a tough subject. Really. You want them to have everything but you need to teach them how to earn those things and that money doesn’t grow on trees.

  8. it’s so hard to teach our kids financial responsibility. You don’t want them to go without the special treats but at the same time, what we teach them when they’re young, carries with them into adulthood.

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