Goodbye iPhone… Hello Galaxy S3…

Samsung Galaxy S3I’m an iPhone fan. you know that. I’m slightly addicted to my iphone… but when AT&T offered me the opportunity to take part in the new Samsung Galaxy S3 with the new Isis Mobile Wallet, I had to ask myself if I was just hanging on to the iPhone because it was comfortable… So, I took the plunge.

At the time of writing this post, I’ve only had the phone for about 24 hours so there are some adjustments I’m still making.   For Example…

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  • Autocorrect… yeah, I miss it and didn’t realize just how much I relied on it. The words are there for you to choose, but it has slowed down my texting speed… which may not be a bad thing. Case in point was this Facebook Update from yesterday…
  • If you are switching from an iPhone, plan to reload all of your apps… IF they are available in the Google Play store. It’s probably not that big of a deal to the normal user… but for someone like me who has a gazillion apps… it’s a process.
  • Sleep button is in the wrong spot… well, not really but after years of having it at the top of my phone, it’s an adjustment to press the side and I tend to keep turning the volume up by accident.
  • Battery Life.  I knew I should be concerned when the AT&T representative tells me that the battery life won’t last as long as the iPhone.  He went on to ask if I can make it a full day without charging on the iPhone – AS IF… {random Clueless Reference} so I have a feeling I’ll be charging like, non stop… because, have I mentioned I’m addicted to my phone?

None of these are really deal breakers of course… just minor hiccups as I adjust to the change in phones.  That said – there are some features that the iPhone doesn’t have that are, well, pretty darn nifty.

  • Tilt to talk… Have you ever been texting someone when you suddenly realize that the text message is (a) way too long to type with your thumbs (b) needs additional clarification or (c) requires the recipient to hear your tone and inflection so that you don’t offend them?  Apparently the creators of the Galaxy S3 HAVE had that happen because when you are in your text screen, all you have to do is move the phone up to your ear and it automatically dials for you.  Very Nifty…
  • Swype to type… dragging your finger around on the keyboard definitely speeds up my texting as opposed to keying each button and while it will take some getting used to, I really like this feature.
  • Screenshot… I use this one a LOT so I needed to figure out quickly how to get a screen capture on the Galaxy S3… there are 2 ways to do so – (1) holding down the lock and home buttons at the same time or (2) {more fun} just sweep the side of your hand across the screen – left to right or right to left and it captures the screenshot.  very cool.
  • Facebook Tagging – again, I use this a LOT… so it’s nice to see that the android version of the Facebook App easily allows for tagging.  Friends you have now been warned 😉
  • Email Attachments – Attaching anything to an email on the iphone is next to impossible for me.  maybe I’m daft.  I don’t know… but with the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is UBER simple… Plus, the attachments you receive via email are easily viewed.
  • Data Limit warnings – This is very cool… especially for those NOT on an unlimited data plan.  With the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can set limits for your phone so that you can not only track how much data you’ve used, but can also set warnings up so that your phone reminds you you are close to going over.  This is completely customizeable as well so you can tell it when you want the warnings and adjust it to match your billing cycle.

But perhaps the most interesting feature is the new Isis Mobile Wallet


Here’s the deal – We already carry too much stuff… but AT&T has collaborated with other carriers to develop this cool Mobile Wallet accepted at many popular retailers.

Headed out for a night on the town?  How awesome would it be to carry just your phone to be able to pay for everything?

Lose your phone?  yeah, that sucks, but with one call, your Isis Mobile Wallet is frozen.  The Wallet is already protected by a unique 4 digit PIN that you set, but being able to freeze it ,means that there is an added layer of security.  That’s peace of mind for someone as lost and confused as me…

For even MORE security, payment card credentials are stored on a special chip in the phone called the Secure Element, and constantly changing security codes are designed to prevent counterfeiting of your cards.  Sweet!

I’m totally going to test out Isis this weekend when my gal Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad and I have a fun girls day.  Stay tuned and I’ll share with you just how much of a time saver/ life saver it is!





  1. The battery thing would make me nervous! The iphone battery life already is bad! But the SG3 has some awesome updates! And you can still use Instagram! YAY! 🙂

  2. Holy wow batman, I totally thought I wanted to get the Galaxy when I upgrade, but I didn’t realize just how even more awesome it was than what I thought! And I love the wallet thing – for someone like me who is almost guaranteed to lose anything to stapled to myself, that would be a total lifesaver. Great review!

  3. Can I just say I can actually go to work ALL day without charging my phone with my Galaxy S3? Um yah.. my prior phones in the past wouldn’t make it past lunch! =P

  4. The only thing after my switching from android to apple is the swipe typing. Everything else I can do on my iphone now with different/updated apps (except maybe data limitations, but that’s not an issue since I always have wifi available it seems.)

    I’m not a fan of the android interface – it never worked right for me and have to say that I don’t miss having to plug my phone in at every interval — especially throughout my workday, at conferences or blogging meet-ups.

    • Julie, you KNOW how much I’m on my phone so yeah… the battery is going to be an issue for me… but I’m giving it a chance. The Isis Mobile Wallet is a VERY cool feature and I know THAT’S not available on iphones… yet 😉

  5. Those are some pretty good points…but not sure if I can bring myself to go back from iPhone to a different phone. I would be willing to try it for free myself, but I think I am a iPhoner for life

    What version of the iPhone did you have?

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