Reflecting on the “Before Times” and what’s next…

I don’t know if anyone still reads this here blog… I wouldn’t blame you if not – I haven’t even been here to write!  Each year, as I pay my hosting and domain fees, I find myself wondering if this is the year I should just end the blog entirely, or maybe this is the year I start writing again.

One would think that with all that Covid has brought us, I would have found more time to write…. but I didn’t.  So much has happened while simultaneously feeling as though we are all in a holding pattern.  

I still don’t feel like I have a direction for this blog… perhaps it has just become an online diary of sorts to be able to reflect back on all the amazing experiences I’m looking forward to as we get back to some semblance of what normal could be.  Perhaps I’ll share the crafts and cooking and gardening as a time capsule for myself.  With crafting, it’s always fun to be able to look back and see just how far you’ve come!  Maybe there will be bits of random here and there that leave you and I both scratching our heads.  But for now, I’m still here.  And, since this is not a sponsored blog and I no longer feel the desire to do sponsored posts, at least I don’t have to stick to any one particular thing.  

What about you?  Have you picked up new hobbies?  Are you enjoying more time at home?  Are you itching to get back out there, sans mask but still feeling safe like in the “before times”?  Inquiring minds want to know!


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