Mexican Breakfast – {Recipe}

I’ve mentioned many times here that I love love LOVE living at home with my folks.  For many reasons… too many to list here.  

RosesOne of the things I love though is how much my mom loves to work in the yard.  Mostly because I could probably kill fake plants if I tried.  I’ve picked up many things from my mother… a green thumb was NOT one of them.  So, she plays in her yard {which she swears she enjoys but seems like a lot of hard work to me} and I get the benefit of enjoying the beauty.  And her roses right now are absolutely spectacular.

chickensMany moons ago, Mom wanted to hear roosters crow in the mornings.  So many moons that we all tend to tune them out, but with roosters, why not have chickens… and with chickens come eggs.  Lots of eggs. More than we sometimes know what to do with.

And even though my growing boys can pack them away like they are going out of style, we still tend to be overwhelmed with eggs some months.  {side note – if you are local to me, save your cartons and I’ll gladly bring you eggs when we can}


We eat a lot of eggs… Brinner {Breakfast for dinner} is totally a thing in our house, and there are two uses for eggs that only my Dad can make to perfection.  NO ONE Makes omelets like my dad.  Not even me and I make all kinds of things but the omelet?  Nope.  That’s Dad’s job.

The other meal my dad makes is lovingly referred to simply as Mexican Breakfast.  I’m sure there’s a real name for it but the story goes something like this.

My dad loves to sail but when they lived in Odessa, there weren’t exactly a lot of lakes nearby.  So, they kept their boat at a marina down on the border.  When they would go to the sailboat, there was a little hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurant they would frequent and have the breakfast I’m about to share.  Now that there is a lovely {albeit empty} lake that keeps our boat nearby, there’s really no need to travel all the way to the border for breakfast and for as long as I can remember, Dad has been creating this meal from memory… and we’ve always just referred to it as Mexican Breakfast.

I’m sure that I’ve gotten the story wrong, but the sentiment is correct and it’s a family favorite.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner – doesn’t matter to us and it’s a great way to use up all the eggs that pile up in our fridge.  Especially when the boys are home.  {Do y’all know how much teenage boys can eat?  It’s obscene.} Or when we have company because you can make as much as you have room for in your pan.  Lucky for us we use a huge cast iron skillet.

This recipe has morphed and changed over the years with the spices and types of sausage used like any good family recipe so feel free to experiment with it.

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