Reading is …

I had an ACTUAL phone conversation with my bestie last night while I was driving home and she says to me:
“Do you know what I would do if someone told me to stop what I’m doing, put on my pajamas and go read for an hour?”

Knowing us you could probably guess that my answer was fairly explicit in our happy reaction.

Her 9 year old however didn’t share in the excitement… A feeling my own giant would likely agree with. Mini-me on the other hand…

I fully appreciate that not everyone is a voracious reader.

The giant is a doer. He wants to be helping others and in action. He and I bond over fixing cars and taking shit apart. There are so many AMAZING qualities he has but telling him to sit and read for any length of time is like a punishment.

Mini me is the complete opposite. He would read all day every day if I let him…and the computer was broken. He splits his time fairly equitably. His face lights up when he shares a scene in a book that he’s reading and loves to call or text when he’s reading something I already have. The Hunger Games series has given us much to discuss.

There’s also (for me anyway) a sense of excitement when you meet someone new and see their bookshelves full of well loved hwre words…especially if there is some overlap between your own collection and theirs.

And yet… I find that I don’t set aside enough time for this activity that I love. I get pulled in multiple directions and at the end of the day find other things demanding my attention than my tiny library. (Not that I’m complaining… Time spent with people you care about is never wasted!)

March is generally celebrated as National Reading Month (and of course Dr Seuss’s Birthday) and I think I’m going to challenge myself to read more. To set aside time for something I love. To use my “me time” more wisely and to share this love with the boys when I can. To start, I think a trip to storage is in order. I need to revisit the boxes I have full of books and see which need to come home with me. I also likely need to prioritize my current reading list… There’s a stack of at least 5 current books on my nightstand… And I’m reading them all…

You realize this also means more blogging about reading and books and such right?

Unrelated… Do you say Pu-jam-uhs Pu-jaw-muhs Jammies or some other variation?



  1. I love this! I so agree. I love to read but it is so rare in my life now. I’m going to join you in challenging myself to read more. Also, I actually bought a book on Thursday so I’m even prepped!

  2. Pee jays. Reading is… fundamental.

  3. Helen, the short answer to fave genre is yes…

    I’m kinda all over the map which is not suprising to you I’m sure. It depends on mood and ranges from Spiritual/World religions to trashy romance to biographical to tween fiction to psychological thrillers to… you get the idea…

    Mostly Fiction as it allows me to escape…

  4. Pah-jam-ahs. Unless I’m talking to Phee and then it’s pajamas, pjs, jammies, or whatever else I can come up with.

    I’m trying hard to make time for more reading this year, too. So far… eh. It was going well, even though I was only reading trash. I want to read some other stuff, though, and I have a hard time doing then when I can’t focus for at least 30 minutes at a time. So, I’m still working on it. What’s your fave genre?

  5. I say jammies.

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