Happy Birthday Giant

It’s that time of year again… No, not the holidays although those too are fast approaching.  It’s the Giant’s birthday.  His 15th birthday.  One more year until he can LEGALLY drive…

I’m pretty sure it will be the longest year of his life.

And while I rejoice over him growing into this person who is wholly unique, with the best parts of his dad and I intermixed as though we were able to pick and choose the traits we passed along, I still find myself getting a bit nostalgic for the days when he was smaller…

We opened presents yesterday with him after his special Birthday Breakfast of bacon and pecan waffles.  He played the sullen teenager to a tee not wanting to show the excitement of a child and saying his “Thank you”s with the coolness only a teen can pull off successfully.  And then… the baby I recall with fondness poked his head out and said “Don’t worry mom.  I’m still here” as he made his way to the couch and hugged me, whispering a quite thank you meant for my ears only. His hugs sometimes last longer than expected… as if he’s trying to refill his tank and I’m happy to oblige.  Those are the moments that I will always treasure whether he’s 15 or 50.  I hope he never stops those amazing hugs.

He’s all boy – would rather be out cutting wood or building something with his hands.  And as he tried on his new Carhartt jacket, he looked too grown for my eyes.  He still craves the approval of others and loves to make people laugh.  He’s finding out who he is now, after far too many years of being his dad’s son.  Now he’s discovering that he doesn’t have to fit into some preconceived mold his dad has deemed appropriate…finding an identity that satisfies his needs.

Oh sure, he pushes the boundaries of “acceptable behavior” from time to time… and I’ve got the “silver highlights” to prove it… and I recall some events from when I was his age that make me cringe a bit… but that’s part of growing up too, right?

So on this very special day, I wish my Giant the happiest of happies.  Today and every day forward.

And yes, I ALWAYS make sure to keep birthday wrapping paper on hand.  It’s unacceptable to wrap birthday presents in Christmas paper.  Something you other December birthday folk might appreciate.

Happy Birthday Giant


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