Happy Birthday Baby

12 years ago today I was in a hospital room delivering what would be my youngest child.  I remember that day well – I remember hearing the news that the anesthesiologist was tied up so it would be a while before he could administer the epidural… {that’s always what you want to hear}  I remember telling my then husband to go ahead and grab breakfast with my then father-in-law who happened to be in town for work and then decided to stay for the main event.  I remember the nurse administering the twilight drugs to take the edge off and to hold me over until the anesthesiologist could make it in…and then moments later learning that the anesthesiologist was not, in fact, tied up and epidural was administered…while I was alone.  My mom was at home watching the giant for me… Ex1 was off eating with his dad.  Just me and the medical professionals administering drugs way too close together.  I won’t provide details from there, but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty…and I’m a bad ass.


But then Mini-me arrived and nothing else mattered.

Isn’t that how most birth stories happen?  There was a whole lot that sucked and then it didn’t anymore because of this perfect, amazing little creation that I made.

I don’t know that I knew this from the moment of his arrival, but soon after it became fairly apparent that this was my doppelganger.  He is my mini-me.

{Ironic since his name stems from my side of the family and his brother, spitting image of his dad, has his name from that side of the lineage.}Birthday1

This little man truly is half of my heart and brings me more joy than I ever imagined possible.

I look at him and smile because some days, it’s like looking in a mirror…

He is a voracious reader and can’t learn enough…


School comes fairly easy for him and he thrives on the praise he gets…


He is silly and crazy and has fun no matter where he’s at…


When he smiles, he can light up any room and turns even the darkest days light…


He is kind and has a big heart…


Is adventurous….


and loves his family.

Birthday 002

Sometimes though… it is like looking in a mirror… and not always in a good way…

Like when I can feel the smartassery bubbling to the surface.  He’s smart enough not to bust that out on me most days, but with his friends?  Different story.

Birthday 011

He hesitates to try new things unless he feels fairly confident that he will excel… Which means that while his brother is more daring, Mini-me is more cautious and tends to miss out on fun in exchange for perfection… not always of course but sometimes…


Sometimes, I look at him and it is NOT like looking in a mirror…

He is more self assured than I think I ever have been…


He loves his brother… even though they fight… and would do anything for him.  That’s not something I ever felt growing up… just sayin.

Birthday 005

And then there are qualities that I see and wonder where the heck he learned them so early…

He makes friends easily and is often surrounded by people wanting to soak up his awesome.  Comfortable in his own skin, he shows me things at 12 that it took me 30+ years to learn.

Birthday 003

He has his own style and can rock a bow tie like no other 12 year old I know.

Birthday 012

Every moment of every day I’m  blessed beyond measure with both of my boys but on this day celebrating mini-me’s birth, I’m thankful for the gift that he is to me.  He is and always will be a bright spot in my world.  An amazing human being that makes my world, and the world of anyone he befriends a much better place.

Happy Birthday Baby.





  1. Urgh. Happy belated, little man!

  2. Aww, happy birthday to him! I hope he has an awesome day and you guys have fun at the movie tonight!

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