Quilting Planner 2023

I love Planners.  Really I love most office supplies … notebooks, pens. and yes, planners.  I really love both the Erin Condren Planners as well as the Tools 4 Wisdom planners. If you need a planner, do check those out… but they are not a Quilting Planner. (and no, these are not affiliate links. I get nothing in return, and purchased from both using my hard earned dollars so just my opinions here)

As I embrace my newfound love for quilting, there are a number of moving parts and pieces that need to be accounted for.  There’s the overall design of the quilt or wall hanging, then fabric selection, the cutting, the piecing, the backing, the quilting, the binding… it’s a Lot.

So of course I went off to the Googles because surely, someone has created a planner specific for quilters, right?

Not that I found.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

So then I got to thinking what all I would like in a quilting planner. Would it be a list of only those quilt projects that I already have designed and fabric for… or would it be a list of ideas.   Or maybe both.

You know those measurements I look up every single time?  Maybe those would be in there…

To truly be a planner, it would need calendar pages… plus idea pages.  You could keep thoughts around quilts you’ve seen and loved but don’t have time this year… fabric swatches for creative inspiration… maybe even block design…

Nothing like this exists that I’ve found, but I did create my own page and that’s a start at least.

Quilting Planner

Want your own Quilting Planner?

I’m sure many have a download you can purchase… but here’s mine. I also created a few different colored versions in case your colors aren’t Blush and Bashful.  Feel free to download and if you do, I’d love a comment.  

And who knows… maybe next year, I’ll create a whole planner… with the calendar, handy measurements, etc.  I’m curious – what would you want in a Quilting Planner?


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