Quick! Name 5 things that you Love about….

I was on twitter the other day (shocking I know) and saw a tweet from one of my Fav Follows…

No, No, No… Not THAT one… although that was a great Friday tweet to get me smiling 🙂

No – it was a post Entitled “Quick! Name Five Things…” and in said post,  she asks for 5 things you like/love about your appearance…

she goes on to say:

“Why am I doing this? Well, because I spend a LOT of time running myself down. I am hyper-critical of my own appearance and since I’ve gained back a large chunk of my weight, I’m hyper-critical in over drive. Hyper-critical Over Drive. Shitty attitude..it would make a better cover band name.”

It got me thinking about how all too often, we are probably all too consumed with the parts of us we DON’T like and forget to focus on the things we do… so I felt compelled to comment… but this nagging feeling wouldn’t go away…

if I’m doing this… how many of YOU do this too?  How many of you are your own worst judge about your appearance instead of just LOVING YOU…?

A word on loving YOU… Loving you doesn’t mean you are complacent… that you don’t want to be a better YOU… it is simply appreciating all that you are even while you are working to make the changes to make YOU better….

So, jump on over to read the list that inspired this post… and here’s MY list:

My feet – I too LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my feet. I love wearing sandals and showing them off so it’s good that I’m in Texas where most of the year I can get away with flip flops… Absolutely my favorite part of me.

My Calves – defined from all the walking I do… strong… gorgeous.

My Rack – mostly because it balances out my ass… both are big and curvy and I embrace that… but it’s easier to love the rack than the ass.

My collar bones – ok, this is a latest love – perhaps mostly a Fling because it’s new and exciting to actually see them – but coupled with my neck I feel sexy when I see them unhidden from the “padding of protection” I’ve worn for WAYYY too long.

My hands – Long and slender fingers.. with nails that also grow long. My hands work Hella hard when I want them to – home repairs, car repairs, etc… but still look dainty and feminine. Yep. Love my hands.

Finding the things about ME and my appearance that I love does not negate the parts of me I CHOOSE to change…  instead, it reminded me of a quote I love

And now it is YOUR turn… Quick!  Name 5 Things you love about YOUR appearance!!!  




  1. This is awesome! I think this idea is so important to spread. It’s so much easier to take care of yourself when you remind yourself what you love about YOU.

    And thank you so much for the shout out!!!!

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