Hello 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  A whirlwind of life over the last few months could be the culprit or I could just be honest and admit that other things took priority.  We make time for the things and people that matter, and for a variety of reasons, I stopped doing a lot of things I loved.  Don’t get me wrong – I did a whole bunch of OTHER stuff I love too 🙂 

Reflecting, like you do, on the year that has just concluded leaves me with a smile on my face.  Sure – lots of crappy things happened in 2018, but what about all the good?

In 2018, I stopped getting to see some of my favorite people when I kicked off the year with a new job.  But, it’s a job I do love and I got the chance to build new relationships with amazing colleagues.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Scotland and Dublin and fostered those relationships even further.  

Sure, I got hit by a drunk driver early on in 2018… but I managed to make it out alive.  I’ve seen enough hospitals for a while though – especially after the most recent “let’s redo the first surgery and hope your femur heals this time” adventure just before Christmas, so I’m hoping I can keep my 2019 resolution of “No more Surgery.”

I lost touch with some people I care about… but made new friends and along with those who have stuck by me through some of the more horrific moments of 2018, I plan to devote more time to connecting with those who matter to me.  That means more play dates or dinner parties… walks in the park or Saturday morning coffee dates because if I’ve learned ANYTHING this year, it that the people are what matters most… cars can be replaced… bones (usually) heal… chicks dig scars but the people?  My People?  they are irreplaceable.  

So what about resolutions?  Does anyone still do those?  I mean I set goals for myself…. but those are smaller.  more tangible.  that build over the course of the year to become some big hairy audacious goal… Instead, I’m going to continue with my word of the year.  A few years back I started this and my word was enough.  That alone started my journey to discovering that I didn’t need to be more or less of anything… I alone was enough.

priorities2This year, my word of the year is Priorities.

But what does that look like?  My aim is that you’ll see it in all areas of my work and personal life… 

My Top Three though –

  1. I’m totally stealing a friend’s resolution to spend more face time with people – play dates don’t have to end because you’re in your forties.  Shopping trips, coffee dates, putting time on the calendar and sticking to it.  Nurturing relationships is a priority.
  2. Taking better care of me – whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally, focusing on others is easy – it’s learning to love ourselves just as much that takes prioritization. 
  3. Travel is a priority – exploring other cultures and having experiences that can’t be replaced.  Already on the books or in the planning stages for this year, destinations include Vegas, Florida, Colorado, Madrid… Maybe another Scotland trip… and I’ve been looking at Alaska, Seattle, Oregon… I’m also looking at Cuba and some other tropical destinations for this year. And that’s just the start.  Who knows what else will pop up this year…

Are there more?  Of course.  But for now, these are my priorities.  And Priorities can change and flow.  and this time next year, I look forward to sharing how it all worked out… and of course along the way too.  Because writing more falls into number 2 above.  

What about you?  What are you focused on this year?



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