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What is Slightly off Kilter?

Slightly off Kilter is a window to my life, my own personal healthy living journey, raising gentlemen, life after divorce, and anything else that enters my world. I began writing to help publicize and share with others that losing weight is really a side effect – not the goal. The premise is simple, if you balance your food, and your life, you can reach a healthy, happy weight.I share my journey through the ups and downs of changing to a healthier life along with the victories and stumbling blocks along the way. Balanced with that, I am always on the look out for products and services that make my life more efficient as I balance working outside the home, going to college, raising children, nurturing a marriage and taking care of myself.

Why should you want to work with Slightly off Kilter?

Slightly off Kilter was named as such because of all the things that I am, I am NOT perfect. I’m not afraid to show the good, bad and the ugly on my personal journey and that helps people to relate to my blog and puts stock in my recommendations.

My message is simple, if I can do it, so can you . My readers know that if I am enthusiastic about a or idea, it is from a personal experience and can be trusted. I will not agree to give reviews, recommendations or giveaways for any product that contradicts the core message of my blog. This builds trust with my readership and enhances the promotion you would receive.

I believe in building partnerships with companies and brands I represent. If you would be interested in working together and building that foundation, Use the Contact form provided to request a Media Kit.

I am flexible and open to working with YOU to meet YOUR goals because we are in this together.

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