Power of our thoughts

So there I was at 3:00 am with another lovely bout of insomnia… I wish it were a new occurrence but I’ve been waking up at ungodly hours for the last…. 6-8 weeks now. I blame my brain and it’s incessant need to analyze all the things.

Whateves- this isn’t a post about my lack of a good, solid night’s sleep.

While I was unable to sleep, I found myself attempting to distract my brain enough to quiet the noise so that perhaps I could grab another 40 winks before another full fledged day of memory making.

I stumbled on this article about a guy who changed his life with a new password philosophy. I had seen this article floating around the book of faces for a while now, but never clicked through until today.

You haven’t read it yet? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I don’t really know what surprised me about this concept. I’ve long believed in the power of our thoughts. I know to the core of my being that what we give energy to – even just the energy it takes to think about something- becomes more and more present in our lives. And yet….


So as I lay here, listening to the soft, rhythmic snore of the boys in their peaceful state of slumber and I typed away on my phone with the brightness set all the way down so as not to wake anyone, I began to think about what thoughts I had allowed to take up residence for too long…and while I’m not going to share the steady stream of consciousness here, I clearly have a thought or two thousand I can safely discard.

Of course that spurred me down the path of wondering what thoughts I wish to replace the negative with and that isn’t something I can answer just yet. It’s so much easier to allow the negative voices in and to believe the nasty thoughts in our minds. To flip them all to more positive and productive beliefs… Well that’s gonna take more effort. Effort I’m willing to give because I see value in it. {and if you know me at all you know that I’m all about putting forth effort in people/things/situations I see value in}

And who knows… Maybe when I replace the current steady stream of consciousness with a new and improved version, maybe I’ll sleep again. Hell, that’s enough of a motivator right there.



  1. That is long one of my favorite quotes. Replacing the thoughts with positive is hard but letting go of the negative is a beautiful start.

    BTW, I suffer with the same affliction so feel free to text and see if I’m up.


    • I totally should. We never find time to chat during “normal” hours. Maybe we can get our fix in the wee hours of insanity 🙂

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