Pinterest – So many projects… So little time…

I have an addicition… and it’s one that many of you share 🙂

It’s Pinterest.  And it is a huge timesuck. And I love it.

Without it, I may not have ever seen the plethora of projects, recipes, nailpolish techniques, etc that find their way to my boards.

but now I have a problem… so many projects, so little time.  So now I need to wort through some of the projects I’ve Pinned and really figure out what’s first.

Maybe this:

Pinned Image

After all, I NEED a coffee table for some of the other projects I’ve pinned… like this:

Pinned Image




or this Pinned Image








Under the coffee table, I need a rug… maybe something like this:

Pinned Image

And then there are my walls… Where I want to hang beautiful works of art like this:

Pinned Image

Or this:

Pinned Image

or even this:

Pinned Image

Le Sigh…

I have completed ONE of my pinterest projects…

 which came from this post – Pinned Image so I guess that’s something, right?

I think though, before I start any NEW projects, I should get organized… so I think I’ll start with this…

Pinned Image

guess I’d better make my own list of 40 spaces that need to be addressed.

What have you pinned on Pinterest that you look forward to doing?  Not sucked in by Pinterest yet?  Let me know if you need an invite 🙂


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