Desert First- Peanut Butter Buttercream Frosting – {Recipe}

Ever since I learned the magic that is a TRUE Buttercream frosting, I was hooked.  As I previously mentioned, I’m totally anti-powdered sugar in frostings.  Oh sure, powdered sugar has some lovely uses – especially in baked goods but as a frosting?  No.  Just No. 

After making my delectable Caramel Buttercream though, I began to wonder what other magical flavors could I concoct? I tried Strawberry… that was a fail.  Too much water from the strawberries in my attempt for it to form properly… I salvaged it somewhat with additional butter, but it wasn’t quite “strawberry” enough…. but then I read this article on Cream Cheese Buttercream and the hamster wheel started turning… If the problem with most cream cheese frostings is too much moisture and not enough fat to pull together and pipe well, similar to my disastrous strawberry attempt, what if you replaced fat with fat…

Magic.  Magic happens.

Peanut Butter Buttercream recipe

…and thus was born Peanut Butter Buttercream in my kitchen.  Which is awesome since most peanut butter frosting recipes I had come across are the powdered sugar variety… 

And of COURSE Mini was happy to taste test… and Giant was in love with the result…. and well, we just don’t have any leftovers.  This frosting would be perfect on a cake… or brownies… or as a Macaron filling… or a spoon… whatever – no judgement.

It’s not as scary now that I have Caramel Buttercream under my belt and there will never again be another way to make delectable frosting in my world.

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The possibilities here are truly endless for a peanut butter lover like me. Now if only my macarons turned out right… but that’s my next challenge… as soon as it stops raining…


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