About Birthdays

About Birthdays It's not MY birthday - but it is The Big Guy's birthday and that is a day to celebrate.  It wasn't until we met that I truly understood what was missing from all of the failed relationships of days gone by - connection.  Connection I don't mean the physical connection.  That is fleeting.  It's the whole package.  Like the way we can both just "be" in the house and there is a warmth.  Or the way he'll curl up in my lap {keep reading}

Quilting Planner 2023

Quilting Planner 2023 I love Planners.  Really I love most office supplies ... notebooks, pens. and yes, planners.  I really love both the Erin Condren Planners as well as the Tools 4 Wisdom planners. If you need a planner, do check those out... but they are not a Quilting Planner. (and no, these are not affiliate links. I get nothing in return, and purchased from both using my hard earned dollars so just my opinions here) As I embrace my newfound love {keep reading}

The Tilda Embroidery Flower Quilt Part 1

The Tilda Embroidery Flower Quilt Part 1The Tilda Embroidery Quilt is one of the first projects I'm tackling in 2023. Follow along with my {keep reading}

Learning How to Quilt

Learning How to Quilt   Some things you may or may not know about me. I have a genuine love and appreciation for all things Handmade.  The skill and love that goes into each piece is far more than whatever price tag is attached.  My favorite shop here in my hometown, Handicrafts Unlimited, is a non-profit that has been here as long as I have.   Staffed entirely by volunteers, they sell items - you guessed it - hand-crafted by local artisans.  It's so fun to browse {keep reading}

I made a Quilt

I made a Quilt Ok, so in fairness, this was not the first quilt I made.  It's technically my third but it is by far my largest. It was a gift for mom because the first thing she said when I casually mentioned that I had taken up quilting was something along the lines of "oh you could make me a quilt..." and she was serious. She is a lover of old things.  Things made by hand in a different age before everything was outsourced.  She {keep reading}

New Year Clean Up – Sewing Space Organization

I do love January.  A new year is a fresh start. A chance to try something new. Let's be honest, after all of the insanity of the last few years, I feel like we could all use a bit of a reboot.   New Year - New Hobby? Towards the end … [Read more...]

Reflecting on the “Before Times” and what’s next…

I don't know if anyone still reads this here blog... I wouldn't blame you if not - I haven't even been here to write!  Each year, as I pay my hosting and domain fees, I find myself wondering if this is the year I should just end the blog entirely, or … [Read more...]

Taking a selfish

Early this morning I was awoken by a severe charlie horse.  Such a fun way to wake up.  I understand a muscle cramp when exercising, but getting them while sleeping has always confounded me. Then I found myself perusing the book of face and saw … [Read more...]

Looking Back to move forward – Part 2

You thought that Tuesday's post was just a teaser... but no, I wanted to take some time to really reflect on the questions posed... Again - I don't intend to share my thoughts on all 6 questions (7?) but I do want to record a few thoughts...  What … [Read more...]

Looking back to move forward – Part 1

Every year, I pay the renewal for the hosting and domain for this site... and then nothing.  The last post I published was at the start of 2019 and since then... nothing.  It's not that nothing happened.  LOADS has happened since then... I … [Read more...]