Reflecting on the "Before Times" and what's next...

I don't know if anyone still reads this here blog... I wouldn't blame you if not - I haven't even been here to write!  Each year, as I pay my hosting and domain fees, I find myself wondering if this is the year I should just end the blog entirely, or maybe this is the year I start writing again. One would think that with all that Covid has brought us, I would have found more time to write.... but I {keep reading}

Taking a selfish

Taking a selfish Early this morning I was awoken by a severe charlie horse.  Such a fun way to wake up.  I understand a muscle cramp when exercising, but getting them while sleeping has always confounded me. Then I found myself perusing the book of face and saw an old friend who posted that this year, the year of 2021, would include a mix of David and Moira from the now infamous Schitt's Creek and she mentioned several things she was focused on for {keep reading}

Looking Back to move forward - Part 2

Looking Back to move forward - Part 2For the last few years, I've joined countless others in choosing a word to focus on for the year. I don't do this instead of goals, but it generally picks me as a common thread throughout my {keep reading}

Looking back to move forward - Part 1

Looking back to move forward - Part 1 Every year, I pay the renewal for the hosting and domain for this site... and then nothing.  The last post I published was at the start of 2019 and since then... nothing.  It's not that nothing happened.  LOADS has happened since then... I just never thought to write about it.   I've been stuck in the idea that I needed to make this site mean something... I had no direction so nothing was ever written.  But maybe that's not the point.  For {keep reading}

Hello 2019

Hello 2019It's been a while since I've written.  A whirlwind of life over the last few months could be the culprit or I could just be honest and admit that other things took priority.  We make time for the things and people that matter, and for a variety of reasons, I stopped doing a lot of things I loved.  Don't get me wrong - I did a whole bunch of OTHER stuff I love too :)  Reflecting, like you do, on the {keep reading}

Bent but not broken

Back in March, for those who have forgotten, life changed. I try not to dwell on the negative. I aim to find the rainbows in the storm... literally and figuratively. For the last seven months since the accident recovery has reminded me that sometimes … [Read more...]

Beautiful Brokenness

Years ago I was introduced to a singer/songwriter by the name of Karen Taylor Good. My mom and I heard her music and bawled... like you do... as so many of her songs hit us smack dab in the heartstrings. You've heard her work if you listen to country as … [Read more...]

I did a thing… and it may be crazy

For the last 6 weeks since the accident, I've been thinking about what kind of car I was going to get. Ok, maybe the last 5 weeks because that first week was mostly spent in the hospital and drugged up. I knew fairly quickly I was going to stay with the … [Read more...]

Drunk drivers and recovery

Some of you may already know this because, well, you follow my Facebook. I should also warn that there may be graphic descriptions and images. I need to write this out. Consider yourself warned. Monday evening, March 12,2018. My son and I were hit by a … [Read more...]

Slim Down Saturday- cooking for a crowd

I didn't post last week but not because of any particular reason. Just trying to figure out my new normal. Again. It's like just when you think you've got it all figured out, life smirks and screams PLOT TWIST. But we are all getting there. One day at a … [Read more...]