An Open Letter… to the JB and Sandy Morning Show

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Monday on my way into work I received bad news.

It took me until now to be able to process it but at the time I was moved to tears. You see, I have always been one of the masses stuck in rush hour traffic on my commute to and from the office never having been fortunate enough to be a work-at-home mom.

There has always been a constant in my world though… almost as long as I have been a driver on the mean streets of the ATX.  The JB & Sandy Morning Show on Mix 94.7

Oh sure, the sidekicks would change but the rock that was JB and Sandy’s repartee remains unparalleled. Over the last 18 years I feel like these are my friends… even though we’ve never met.  In a way, they helped me through growing pains as I ventured into adulthood, were on the radio when my kids were born… served as my solace through two divorces… and kept me laughing through countless hours of road rage.

It wasn’t all one sided though – They shared their lives too… I remember learning of the birth of their respective daughters… marriages… frustrations and celebrations.

Monday… I learned with all the other listeners that JB’s contract would not be renewed and it felt like a sucker punch.

I know that times are tough and budgets are being cut everywhere.  I understand that business decisions are not always in favor of what WE want… still it stings.

Still I’m sad.

Still I feel like I’m losing a friend who is moving far far away… the way it felt before the internet… before we were so connected.

Sandy shared a bit about his feelings and voiced a strange statement – “If any one is listening”

I wanted to scream at my radio OF COURSE WE ARE!!! We’re HERE!!!

We were listening when the cast included Bridget, Funky, Steak Boy, Deb, Autumn, Bri, Lauren, Cass… We were listening when Alex was Digitz… We were listening that time that Sandy was playing Rugby and had to tape his ears… We were listening when Sandy proclaimed that he was never ever EVER getting married or having kids… We were still listening when he proposed to Tricia… We were still listening when Landry was born… We were listening when “Bikes for Kids” first started… We were listening when you drove naked… We were always listening…

I learned about the tragedy of 9/11 from these two.  In fact, I learned about every heartbreaking tragedy through the years from my friends through the radio… when the bulk of your day is spent in traffic (or feels like it) that hour long commute goes by much faster when friends are in the car and that’s how I always felt.

To the Station Managers who felt forced into this decision… we listeners will respect it but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

To Sandy – I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to continue to come on the radio after this and I appreciate you. I hope you will stay with us… will understand if you don’t.

To JB – Thank you for so many wonderful years and laughs… and tears.  You will be missed.  I hope your next adventure enables you to continue to positively impact the lives of others the way you’ve done for so long.



  1. I could note have said it better myself. I feel the exact same way!

  2. This was a beautiful article, Shelley!
    Did you hear? They are coming back with their own show!
    See here:
    Soooo looking forward to having them back!!

    • I did Lisa! I share the Austin Business article on my facebook page when it came out on Monday. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

  3. Jackie Conrad-Thomas says

    I stopped listening to 94.7 that morning. I will continue to follow JB & Sandy on Facebook and twitter, as I have for years! It’s the only time of day I made time to sit and listen. They are just MAJIC together!!! Corporate, if you’re listening or reading, big mistake—HUGE!!!!!!

  4. My sentiments exactly! Thank you for writing that!!! (I, too, have listened from the beginning.)

  5. Catherine Wright says

    Very eloquent!

  6. wonderfully put…..

  7. Dolores Fojtasek says

    Shelley that was perfect! I remember everything you just wrote and more. I am very sad in my heart that JB’s contract has not been renewed. Obviously they did not poll the listeners because for the most part there has been a huge amount of support for JB and the fact that he will be MISSED! I will continue to listen if Sandy stays on but will most likely switch if he decides to leave.

    • I agree. I will stay a loyal listener as long as Sandy stays. He leaves and I’m done. I’m sure many feel the same.

  8. Beautifully said!

  9. So beautifully put! If an announcer, DJ, Anchor is doing their job right, you connect with them. You let them in your life and clearly JB and Sandy are a part of your life. I’m sorry that they will have to part. I am sending hugs to you and them.

    • I think that sums it up completely Traci – I connected with them because they connected with us. Thanks for being a loyal reader my love 🙂

  10. Awesome!

  11. You conveyed everything I was, and am still, feeling! Thank you for your beautiful article. Like Melissa, it also brought me to tears.

  12. Bravo! Well said. We absolutely are (have been) listening every morning even though we may not call in to the show…EVER. You have always been the comforter in the mornings that proceeded the crazy day that lie ahead. I hear Sandy on the show being the ever professional but I’m sure hating every minute of it knowing that empty space to his left may never feel fully occupied. Thanks for the laughs, insights, and most of all the vocal caffeine that gets radio listeners pumped every morning. Peace, JB

  13. Well said Shelley! You brought me to tears just like Sandy did on Monday. I too remember the last 18 years and feel the same about these guys!

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