Oh Good… More rain

I’m having a hard time remembering the last time that rain wasn’t in the forecast which is weird for an area that’s been in a severe drought for the last few years.  Years people.  I guess we were due for a change. Of course, it would have been nice if Mother Nature would have spread out the two years of needed rain instead of giving it to us all at once, but that’s not exactly how she rolls now is it?

I consider myself very lucky because even though there were funnel clouds spotted all around my house (not by me but by people who report these kinds of things) we actually only got about 2 inches of rain at our house according to our rain gauge.  {Mom swears she didn’t empty it multiple times}

Texas Rains 2015

This past Memorial Day, I got home just before the worst of it hit so that was good timing.  Then, my phone started blowing up with concerned friends and handy dandy weather alerts.  Me?  I was hanging out on the front porch watching the weather blow by.

Texas Rain

Curious about how much rain we Texans actually got?  The Washington Post has some nifty graphics on the subject.  Plus a drone video of the Houston flooding.

texas rain washington postThe lake levels have definitely risen… which is a good thing for people who like to visit them…


Before (4/16/14) and after (5/26/15) photos of Lake Georgetown
courtesy of The KVUE Insider

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE the rain.  But the damage… injuries… deaths… is devastating. And there’s more rain predicted for an area that is beyond saturated. 

Even with all of the devastation, there are some amazing people stepping up to help out.

A bunch of Dripping Springs Moms got together and are helping Wimberly flood victims with laundry needs.  Knowing how much laundry can suck in the best of circumstances, I think their efforts are awesome.  They are trying to get Tide’s attention to see if they can help out.  And they totally should.  

Whole Foods is offering up a cool $1M to help local businesses with flood damage too.  I guess they remember what happened to them Memorial Day 1981

And of course the good old Red Cross is helping and relies on financial donations.  If you can, consider making a donation to help Texas Flood Victims here.

At least we haven’t lost our sense of humor…




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