October is tomorrow! A New Blogging Challenge!

This whole year keeps flying by with each month passing faster than the last.

Blogging has been something that has taken a back burner… and yes, I’ve been called out a time or two for my lack of updates.  Good news is, I’m not alone.  A few of you have echoed that while you want to write or need to write… writing hasn’t been happening as much.

So, for October, we thought we’d bring back the monthly blogging challenge with prompts to serve as an inspiration.  Maybe it will get the creative juices flowing!

This month, I was vague on purpose.  Most of the prompts are just one word and you fine folks get to interpret however you see fit.  Maybe we’ll all interpret them differently… maybe the same… who knows.  The point is to write and to follow wherever the words lead you.

With most of these, you can be as silly or as real as you and your blog want to be.  That’s the point of the Axis of ineptitude anyway right?  Embracing you as you are without exception… Flaws and all.

Here’s the “rules” {stop laughing- they really aren’t rules}

(1) Write when/ if you want… participate as much or as little as you desire.

(2) Interpret the prompts however you see them.  Does it inspire a photo post?  a recipe?  a rant?  Go for it!

(3) Be real.  Always true to yourself and your voice.


We want you to link up with us because when it comes to reading other peoples blogs, we tend to get lazy and linking up makes it easier… If you want to share the linky on your blog, check out our facebook group where the list of linky codes are located.  You don’t HAVE to add the linky code to your blog, just link up on someone else’s if you’d rather.

On with the prompts!!!


… And because some of you prefer it in list form…

~1~            The friend I want to be…

~2~            Thankful Thursday

~3~            Fears and Phobias

~6~            Scars

~7~            Pumpkin

~8~            Black & White

~9~            Thankful Thursday

~10~          Scary Movies

~13~          Skeptical

~14~          I wish…

~15~          Change

~16~          Thankful Thursday

~17~          Things that keep me awake

~20~          Superstition

~21~          Overwhelmed

~22~          Fall

~23~          Thankful Thursday

~24~          Masks

~27~          Shadows

~28~          I wonder…

~29~          Creepy Crawlies

~30~          Thankful Thursday

~31~          Halloween

So, Who’s in?  Who’s gonna blog with us?



  1. I’m in!

  2. Oh, how fun! I hope to join you in a few. I have shared and look forward. Coming by from Austin Bloggers on FB. Lots of love, Lisa

  3. I love this! Being a newish blogger–it has truly taken a back-burner to life. Excited to try this, and MAKE myself just sit down and WRITE.

  4. I really need to get back on board with the Thankful Thursday posts. I started those and then, yknow, forgot about them. Oi. There will be much to write, I’m sure.

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