Obscene – Wordless Wednesday

And don’t tell the Hubs… but I think I need more… Crud… I think I just told him




  1. I am just now getting into polish on my nails and toes. Yes – 37 years it took. LOL Right now, I am into purple, blue, dark, sparkly. I love your collection!!

  2. Ooooh…shiney again! I love you. I love your nail polish. Why aren’t we like bff neighbors or something?

    • LMAO! Shiney thing shiney thing 🙂 you’d love my latest manicure… Pink gradient from light to dark with GLITTER!

  3. JEALOUS! I actually just threw away 3 pink bottles. To all my might to do so… LOVE getting a fresh coat nail polish on!!

  4. I have more than that 🙁 And my mom just bought me 7 neon colors today as a sort of “we’re thinking of you, and know you’re working hard”.

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