Oatmeal Berry Bake

We all have heard time and again what an important meal Breakfast is… and on the weekends, that’s when my breakfasts really shine…ok, so they are more like brunch because when I CAN sleep in, I WILL sleep in but that’s really not the point here is it?

Point is, on the weekends, when we aren’t racing to get to school and work and swim, I like to make something beyond fruit and yogurt.

And of course, I do LOVE Pinterest for inspiration… So when I saw this pin

I knew I wanted to try it out on my family… cause while they will eat just about anything, I know if they ask for seconds… or thirds… we’ve got a winner. And I wasn’t disappointed… except for the lack of leftovers from this. Of course, I made changes. Can’t think of a single recipe where I don’t… unless I’m “Baking” baking… then it’s a science and I don’t stray. I liked this breakfast because with the combination of oatmeal and berries, there was substance and it seemed pseudo-healthy… Mini loved that there was chocolate in it… and Giant… well, that boy just likes to eat. This recipe is flexible as well – I’ve made it twice over the last few weeks and both times with different types of berries. The first time was with blueberries and blackberries. Second time was blueberries and cherries. Both times were amazing and left empty baking dishes before I could even notice. Plus, once you have it all mixed together, it’s a pop it in the oven and wait recipe which means I’m not stuck in the kitchen stiring or watching the waffle iron which leaves me to focus on the important things… like Minecraft… It’s also fairly fool proof. It’s not a finicky recipe like say… Macarons… but that’s a post for another day.

Added bonus?  It’s pretty food.  Look at the colors! (of course that’s pre-baking but still)

oatmeal berry bake - recipe
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  1. So, so yummy! I am always inspired by people who not only create something delicious, but can actually make it look delectable in photos.

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