News that isn’t…

Must be a fairly slow news week… I mean it’s not like we landed on Mars or anything… Oh Wait!  We did.  But still, that can’t be nearly as important as some of the other things I’m seeing show up as “News”… and in the wise words of one of my favorite movies “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

For example…

Gabby Douglas.  I’ll admit, I have not watched much of the Olympics.  I’ve kinda had an awful lot going on.  But I did set my DVR to record some of it and first of all, ALL of the olympians are FREAKIN amazing.  I don’t remember where I read it, but I saw someone say something about how maybe we should put a regular Joe in each of the events so we can see just how amazing these athletes are.  They all make it look so easy and effortless…. but I digress.

Gabby Douglas.  She is the epitome of grace and elegance when she is flying through the air – whether on floor acrobatics or the uneven bars… Not only that, but she’s the first African-American woman ever to take gold in the all-around individual title in gymnastics.  THAT should be news.  That should be celebrated.  Instead, a quick Google search shows more about her freakin HAIR than anything else.  Seriously?  You are kidding, right?

Imagine if we all stopped doing things because we might mess up our hair.  This isn’t news.  Talk about her amazing athletic abilities.  Talk about her strength of character.  Talk about the sacrifice she and her family have made to help her achieve her goals, but her hair?  Really?

Next up…

Honey Boo Boo Child.  First introduced to us on the cinematic majesty (just kidding… it’s a total train wreck) that is Toddlers and Tiaras so of course it only makes sense that she should have her own spin off show on TLCHere Comes Honey Boo Boo.  Exploiting your child… it’s really sad to me that there is a market for it… although, I AM hooked on Dance Moms, so perhaps I’m part of the problem too.

In all fairness, I did NOT watch the premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and do not plan to… unless of course I’m in a horrible accident where I can not move and someone leaves the TV on and my eyelids won’t close and it happens to come on… but there’s a lot of if’s in that sentence.

Aside from the whole “pageant mom” angle, Does no one else see an issue with a child amping up on Mountain Dew and Red Bull?  I’m a grown adult and don’t even want to IMAGINE the effect that combo would have on me much less a significantly smaller, developing child.  Of course, ever since that time in college when I pulled an all nighter with the help of our friend no doze, I’m acutely aware of the effects that too much caffeine can have…

But I think the part that bothers me the most here is that no one is laughing WITH this family… we are laughing AT them. Someone – her mother or father perhaps – should stand up and say – “look, you may not agree with us, but I’ll be damned if I put my baby on national television where you can all point fingers and laugh.” instead of cashing in on it.  Exploitation at it’s finest. Seriously,  in my mind it’s little better than pimping your child out on a street corner…

You know what else ISN”T news, but should be?  The whole GMO Labeling initiative.  Yes, it’s in California and I’m in Texas, but let’s face it.  If the initiative passes in California, it won’t be long before it spreads because it would be cost prohibitive to only label some.

Here’s the thing… We have labels on our mattresses and furniture.  We have warnings on hair dryers telling us NOT to use them in the shower (really?  This is a problem?) There are literally hundreds if not thousands of warning labels that really should just be common sense kinda stuff.  So, WHY is it such a problem for us to want the GMOs we are already eating and drinking to be clearly labeled?  People everyday eat these geneticly modified science experiments and I don’t honestly think that would change all that much if they were labeled… I mean I’m pretty sure the parents of honey boo boo child aren’t concerned with proper nutrition… but for those of us who DO care, we deserve to be able to tell the difference.

There is a twitter party tonight if you are interested in learning more.  It’s only an hour and I hope to see you there.  Plus,  there are prizes to be won, so join us… you just might learn something new 🙂

What else is showing up in the news that shouldn’t be?




  1. Yea I don’t even let my kids have dew or bull. They are young and should have enough juice to get them through the day. If they don’t then I need to make sure they are eating right and getting proper sleep.

  2. Love dance moms. Love the news minute.

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