It’s a new year…

2014Hey guys –

I’ve been away for a bit… I’d apologize but the last six months have been a great reprieve and opportunity to re-establish my priorities.

Now that the new year is fully upon me, I’m back at work, holidays are over, and I have a new project that is really exciting to me – a bit more about that coming up.

I’ve spent the last week or so thinking about what this year will bring and what I hope to accomplish.  I know a lot of people set goals or make resolutions, some pick their words of the year, and I’m sure there are a bajillion other ways we embrace the future this time of year.

This year – 2014 – is going to be all about me.  Some may think that sounds selfish, but it’s really not when you think about it.

I’m committed to remembering every day that I’m worth the effort.  Remembering to say No when something doesn’t suit me.  Saying Yes to things that might test my comfort zone.  Learning as I go along.

I’m not giving up on improving my health, but truth be told, I got a little obsessive about it and would start to really beat myself up if I fell off track.  That’s counter-productive for sure.

Instead of focusing on a number on a scale, I’m committed to making each choice in the moment.

Mental health is also important this year.  That’s why I’ve started taking time each day for me – whether to crochet or meditate or read or just veg out. unapologetically It  keeps me mostly sane.  It makes me a better friend, mother, person.

In starting this ritual, I’ve re-discovered my passion for crochet.  I can’t focus on the crazy of the day when I’m focused on counting stitches which let’s my mind rest.  I also have a few other works in progress that are completely done on auto pilot that enable me to just veg out completely.

Luckily, my bestie shares this passion.  Y’all know Evin over at Food Good, Laundry Bad, right? (if not head on over and get to know her!  She’s all kinds of awesomeness and you have to read her latest adventure with the newest member of the family.) We came up with a crazy brilliant idea for how to help others while getting together for some girl talk, crochet, and coffee.

We’ve started a new organization to meet monthly and crochet items for charity – Hats, scarves, blankets, etc for the homeless, preemies, and cancer patients.  Knowing us like you do, it’s probably no secret that the name of our new organization is… {wait for it}

Hookers with Heart

Awesome right?  We’d love it if you helped us spread the word and like the Facebook page for Hookers with Heart.  That’s a great way for you to keep up with our projects, donations, and events!  If you are local, even if you don’t knit or crochet, you should plan to drop on by and at least say hello!  In the coming weeks, there will be a website as well but you know, that takes time… time that I don’t exactly have a whole lot of until the weekend.

Speaking of weekends, we have our first  Hookers with Heart meetup THIS SUNDAY! (January 12, 2014) and you don’t have to crochet or knit to join us – come join in on the conversation and coffee! (Details on the Facebook page)  You can also come LEARN to crochet!

Thanks to a lovely donation from Mommas Bacon, we will even have yarn available for anyone who wants to create stuff for those in need.  This month’s event we are focused on providing hats, scarves, etc to Austin’s Homeless.  Our hope is to try to help different organizations as often as we can so if you know of an organization that could use our help, be sure to let me know!

Julep Nail Polish

Now, all this doesn’t mean I’m giving up my nail polish addiction so you will still see plenty of that happening as well – in fact, I just got 4 new polishes from Julep – and yes, I need to write more about that too… soon…

So that’s what’s new in my 2014 – how about you?  What endeavors are you working on?

Did you make resolutions or set goals or just pass by the new year like it was just another day?



  1. Ah,this reminds me that I’m going to try to run over on Sunday to bring you guys some yarn I have kicking around the house. Odds and ends mostly, but I’m not using it anytime soon so you guys might as well make it into something awesome!

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