New Year, New You… but wait a sec…

I’ve been planning to write a post each week with a linkup so that (a) we can share some love and (b) I can have a really easy way to see all of you wonderful writers.  I don’t know if anyone will want to join, but here’s the plan – each week will be a new topic.  Write if you want and link up any time during the week.  because let’s face it… best laid plans and all, how often do we absolutely find time to write at a set day and time… ok, you might but I don’t.

January is mostly gone but just in case you wanted to play along, let’s get started.  I have a few prompts I planned to write about – heck I have the whole calendar written up – but as usual I’ve been slacking….

The thing about a new year… that’s kinda bugging me lately is the idea behind…

New Year New You

Ok, I get it – New year and a fresh start and all that jazz but I have two issues…

(1) Everything that happened in the past helps to shape us into the people we are today –

(2) What the fuck is wrong with the OLD you?

Look I get the idea that a new year is a great time to make changes – isn’t that the idea behind New years resolutions?  Change the parts of us that we don’t like.  Quit smoking, Lose weight, save more… I could go on and on.  but what if…

What if we just need to embrace ourselves exactly as we are?  What if we need to learn to accept our flaws before we can let them go?  What if we were as kind to ourselves as we were our friends?

My only “resolution” this year is to love myself more.  Accept my fumbles more and then get right back up and try again…

I could be wrong… I often am… but what if by focusing on all the things that are somehow “wrong” with ourselves, we hang on to those subconsciously? We focus so hard on something about ourselves that we create that which we despise?

I’d love to spend this year catching the good – catching myself doing good things – finding things I like about myself and others – sharing compliments. Won’t you join me?  I know it’s a bit hippy dippy as Evin might say, but what if we do all that… all year long… and we have accountability peeps in our world that keep us honest… what’s the worst that could happen?

Now it’s your turn… What are you focusing on this year?  Now that the month is almost done, how have you done?  Does your resolution still fit or need to be revamped?

And if that doesn’t spark anything interesting, Here are a few other prompt ideas for I meant to write about – or maybe you’ve even written about these already this year and want to link THOSE up!

  • Write a letter to your future self – 1 year in the future
  • Body image
  • What inspires you?

Heck, anything goes – so share your posts!!!



  1. I am all about being me this year. I have some goals, of course, but I’m also going to just have fun.

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