National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Did you know that today is National Draw a Picture of a Bird day?

Me neither until Evin pointed it out and it was decided that it was such a random holiday we couldn’t let it go unobserved. Because we are definitely random.

Case in point – this mornings texts have include conversations around pajamas, the Texas Beef council, writing and tacos.

Don’t ask.  We couldn’t explain it if we tried. 

but I digress…

National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day.

The intergoogles tell me that this random “holiday” originated back in the late 40’s as a way to boost morale after WWII when a young girl visiting her wounded uncle in the hospital and she asked him to draw her a picture of a bird. Apparently he was no artist and she was extremely candid about his lack of artistic skills but for some reason, the day stuck and today is a day to celebrate your artistic (or lack thereof) abilities by drawing a picture of a bird.

Because why not.

A few days ago (weeks?) I went to Pinot’s Palette in Georgetown and had a blast painting bird cages with friends… and wine… or sangria… or whatever – alcohol was involved. As we neared the end of the “lesson” {and I use that term loosely} the instructor casually said “Ok, Now… Put a bird on it” and waited to see if anyone would get the Portlandia reference.

The way she said to paint said birds though seemed {and was} a bit simpler than in practice of course… something along the lines of “Ok, so the head is a circle and the body should be more football shaped.  Then add your tail feathers and you have a bird.”

Pinot's Palette Georgetown

uh… I guess it’s kinda bird-like… but for today’s prompt that kinda seemed like cheating.  And since I needed another distraction, I decided to quickly draw a bird to adequately celebrate today’s randomness.

National Draw a picture of a Bird Day

You’re Welcome.




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