Motto of the day – “Act As If”

Act as if…

Maybe you’ve heard that so much it’s become cliché… maybe you’ve never heard it before.  For me it is the motto of the day. I think I first heard it watching Boiler Room (coincidentally the movie where my mental lust affair with Vin Diesel first started) and has stuck with me ever since.  Many others use it and it would take me all day to find and give credit to all who do; so I apologize if you feel I’m not giving you the credit due.

The premise behind “Act as if” is to think, believe, feel and behave as if your desired outcome is a reality.  If nothing else, it keeps you focused on your goals and desires.

  • Act as if you are a healthy and fit person (instead of acting as someone struggling with the battle of the bulge).
  • Act as if you are surrounded by love even when you are not (instead of wallowing in the loneliness I’ve known too well)
  • Act as if the world is your oyster and you can not fail (instead of fearing that every decision could bring about utter failure)


  • Act as if you are in a great and positive mood (even when a funk rains down on you like a summer thunderstorm that arises for no reason and with no warning)

The last one is mine for today.  I can’t explain why I’m in a funk – just hit me out of the blue last night.  No reason for it at all.  I could choose to dwell in it and feed that funk with all the things that it loves – cookies, chocolate, fast food, salty snacks… a funk loves those things because when I eat them, I feel worse, don’t exercise, no endorphins, no serotonin… the funk then gets to stick with me for a longer period of time and I must admit, I’m pretty good company.

In a funk, I might opt to give the kids lunch money instead of making their lunch, grab some donuts on the way instead of making breakfast, drop the kids at school and head into work.  It’s Friday, so that means a short day but in a funk, I might opt to go home and lay on the couch eating oreos and milk (which would mean I’d have to stop at the store first) until dinnertime… ordering takeout from somewhere because I don’t have the energy to make anything healthy because let’s all face it – eating healthy is NOT easy … it takes work and planning and when you are in a funk, who has the energy for all of that?

By acting “as if” I am forced to really think about what I would do if I were NOT in a funk… Well, I’d get up and make breakfast and lunches, take the kids to school, work a half day and since it’s Friday, that means it’s time for my Walnut Creek hike.  That’s MY time.  Sometimes shared with a great friend and sometimes alone, but regardless it is MY time and I always feel better afterwards.  After that, I’d still go to the store, but instead of making my way to the Oreo aisle, I’d stick with the veggie section because for the first time EVER we ate all our veggies before they spoiled and I need more healthy stuff in the house.  After the store, I’d head home to clean the rest of the house because right now only my sink is shiny, make something for dinner that would fuel my body and my family in a positive way and won’t leave us all feeling bloated and yucky feeling.  Then I’d tackle day 2 of the Fly Lady program before curling up next to the best husband in the world. (OK, maybe I’m a bit biased, but seriously he’s so wonderful that I need an entire post to express how wonderful and supportive he is.)

There’s a big difference between the two obviously… but the biggest difference isn’t seen until tomorrow.  By dwelling in the funk, that is my outlook on tomorrow and the next day and the day after that… By acting “As If” I’m in control of my tomorrow and that in and of itself is empowering.

Today I’m Acting “As If” – are you?



  1. Awesome job.. way to go!

  2. Ooooooohh I <3 BOILER ROOM! yep! Love me some vinny too! I'm on my phone so ill make This short. Awesome post! You know.. Pete talks about this very subject as well. I think you and I are related! I really do!

    • I’m starting to wonder if I’m related to you too! LOL! And yes – I’ve been listening to a LOT of Pete’s pod casts and downloaded the app to my phone. LOVE his motivation!

  3. Wow wasn’t that just the post I needed this morning. I’m off on Fridays. So, usually I park my happy rear on the couch watching tv until something inevitably gets me up-like eating. So, I thank u for the inspiration because I’ve been hitting snooze for an hour and I really need to do some things around the house before eating lunch with my friends. So yes, I’m acting “As if”- and getting myself up and having a productive morning. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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