If Money were no object…

You know that game where you imagine all the things you’d do if you won the lottery? Yeah, well, considering I don’t play it might be a little hard to actually win but it’s still fun to think about…

Not that I don’t love my life – I totally do… but here’s a few things I’d do if Money were no object…
Money doesn't grow on trees

  1. Jobs that feed my soul – screw the 9-5, I’d spend my days feeding my soul… working on my novel, lounging with my crochet… sleeping past 4:30AM… volunteering to somehow make this world better. I’d spend my time with friends who are more available in the daytime hours and volunteer at my kids schools every opportunity I could.  I’d surprise my working friends with lunch or coffee and brighten their worlds.
  2. I’d spend more time at the gym.  I’ve been way too lax about taking care of me with recent events and I really need to get better about this…
  3. I’d travel… or at least start by getting my passport… I’d jet around the country visiting my friends and loved ones that are scattered around… I’d summer in cooler climates and winter in the Caribbean.  Maybe I’d be like Mama Lee and spend a few years just living on a cruise ship visiting every port there is to soak in the culture that other lands can introduce us to…
  4. I’d build my dream house from scratch on a beautiful piece of land with all the accouterments I’d saved to my Pinterest board…

    Reading nooks…

    Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces for entertaining

    even custom laundry room..

    of course, including a place to nap when the weather permits…

  5. I’d surprise friends with things on their wishlist… whether it was a new pair of shoes they had their eye on, or paying their utility bills so they could breathe a bit easier at night.
  6. I’d host more dinner parties where friends and loved ones could enjoy good food and good friendship and learn from one another
  7. Summer camps… for the boys and for me.  There are so many that would be amazing opportunities that are just not in the budget at this stage in my world… from swim clinics and camps to camps that challenge mini-me’s brain I’d enroll them in them all… writing camps and fun camps for myself would be in order.  Heck I might even start a weekend retreat for moms and women who just need to get away…
  8. I’d hire people to do the things I don’t want to do…
    • Tutors for the boys – because this whole “homework” thing is bullshit. I’d hire someone else to do that part of the parenting thing…
    • Someone to shop for me. Like ALL the shopping. I hate shopping.
    • … and that someone would also do the “putting away” of crap.
    • A Personal assistant to keep track of the minutia of day to day life… calling of plumbers or renewing the car tags… the stuff required to be a grown up but not fun
    • Someone to do my hair and makeup for special occasions… like Tuesdays. or the first day of spring… or heck, anytime I wanted to do more than just wear my hair in a bun and scare small children.
  9. I’d have annual passes to all the amusement parks so that whenever the urge struck, the boys and I could head on out and ride roller coasters.
  10. I’d fill my {dream} closet {the size of a bedroom of course} with all the clothes and shoes I’ve saved on Pinterest… and then find or create reasons to wear them all… I mean with all that extra time at the gym, I’d better find a way to really show it off!

What would YOU do if money were no object?
Money can't buy happiness, but I'd cheer up much faster sipping a margarita on the beach outside of my oceanfront mansion.


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  1. Love your list. I especially like the dinners for friends and the amusement park passes.

  2. Ooooh…#6! I love the entire list, but #6! Why didn’t I think of that one?

  3. Walter Perry says

    I’d sell my immortal soul in a heartbeat to have that. Which proves there is no devil. I call upon you oh dark one. Appear with the papers to sign I beg of you. See? No devil.

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